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Students of various JCs of Singapore hail Mr. Yang as the undisputed JC Chemistry expert. The winner of 2002 Public Service Commission Scholarship (Education), graduated from Raffles Junior College with straight As in all subjects! He completed his Bachelor of Science (Chemistry) from the National University of Singapore where he was placed on the Dean’s list! During his 4 years of teaching experience in Junior College level, his classes consistently ranked high.

He firmly believes that each student has his/her own learning style and that a good teacher should always at first know about that and tweaks the teaching style based on the students learning process.

To help students adapt to this recent trend of “novel” questions, Mr Yang has put in place a structured, three-tiered approach towards understanding the questions at the GCE ‘A’ Levels. He believes that arming students with a better understanding of the types of H2 Chemistry questions will ultimately help them obtain better grades.

With the massive testimonials that we have been getting over the years from our students, we can definitely say that this teaching model has been proven to be effective and has helped students to achieve success under Mr. Yang

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