It is essential to be updated with the advancement of time. The world is changing everyday and is taking up new methods, new techniques to be better. Students are also not very different. With the advancement of new discoveries and ideas, the syllabus is also getting updated every now and then. But the students need new teaching methods to help the new age students learn better and be ahead. Various schools and institutions in Singapore are not thinking in this way, the teaching style used by them is bland and old school. This takes away all the fun of learning. In schools, teachers have a very little time with them under which they have to cover a lot of syllabus. Adding to that the classes are immensely crowded. Many students fail to catch up with the pace of their school and are left with a lot of doubts and misconceptions.

We at Miracle Learning Centre believe that a student should be inspired and motivated by the teacher and if they are not encouraged about the subject, they are never going to learn it properly. Every student is a miracle on their own; they just need to be shown the right way. That’s where we got our name. We are specialised in Science and Maths and is one of the leading names of tuition industry Singapore. Our motto is to provide students with the simplified knowledge at every step. Key Highlights –

  • Classes conducted by the best teachers of Singapore
  • One to one doubt clearing sessions
  • Simplified lessons
  • Teaching through fun activities and games
  • Concise notes for important topics
  • Effective question suggestions
  • Focus on showing different answering techniques for open ended questions
  • Individual attention
  • Extremely low crowded classes of around 4-6 students
  • Flexible timings

We offer classes for Physics including – A level physics tuition, O level physics tuition, JC physics, Maths classes including – JC maths tuition, PSLE maths tuition, IP maths tuition, Chemistry classes for A Level, O Level, IP and JC courses. We also offer Primary and Secondary Science tuitions.

With our help many of the struggling students have been able to improve their falling grades and have learned how to score more by doing less. We are looking forward to help you with our innovative, fun filled teaching methods and help you learn better and score more with ease. Join us today to see the change in just a few months.

Check out this academic calendar where the important dates, holidays and other details are marked.

Miracle Learning Centre is the best tuition centre for you if you want to score well in Maths and Science.

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