Chemistry Testimonials – 2011

Mrs Lew is a very patient teacher. Her lessons are interesting and sometimes funny. The methods she use to teach Chemistry and its concepts across are effective and very easy to understand. Through her lessons, I have improved and managed to perform rather well. So, THANK YOU MRS LEW! I have enjoyed your lessons and your enriching lessons helped me a lot!

Low Gum YeeS3/2011, St Theresa’s Convent

I am not a person of many words so, Thank you Mrs Lew! It is really a miracle that I stayed in the tuition centre. The lessons conducted were easy to understand although tasks were challenging. My understanding and grades improved for chemistry. After attending the lessons, my interest for chemistry increased. The homework was no longer a chore but something I was willing to do. Thank you Miracle Learning Centre and Mrs Lew.

Han Yu HengS3/2011, Bt Batok Sec School

Hi Ms Lim! Thanks so much for teaching me for the past few months. I improved loads, from C5/B4 to an A2!!! Wow! J Thanks for all the patience and kindness you have shown towards me. It has been such a blessing to be in your class. You are a really funny teacher too! Hahaha… I am really going to miss you!!! Thanks again and many hugs!

Denis ChngS4/2011, MGS

Ms Lim is full of patience, when she answers my questions! She improved my Chemistry by two grades, so Chemistry I no longer hate! She helped me clear my doubts, so now I know what Chemistry is truly about! Ms Lim is really amazing!

Esse ChuaS4/2011, MGS

Dear Ms Lim, thank you for everything that you’ve done for me! Thank you for allowing me to attend your lessons, even though you have your students to attend to. Your dedication to your students made me so touched, it was the first time a teacher had offered to help me in my studies without pressurizing me to do well. It honestly means a lot to me! I’ll try my very best to attain good results for my O levels. (it’s the only way I can repay you back now > < ) Thank you, for making such a huge impact in my life. For you, are the force of a thousand flowers. You’re one of the best who stands tall above the rest. You shine just like a star to show us we can be better than we are. Happy Teacher’s Day.

Lyn ChuaS4/2011, Anglican High School