Chemistry Testimonials – 2012

Dear Mrs Lew, a brilliant tuition centre with amazing teachers. Mrs Lew teaches us chemistry with patience and dedication. She always manage to explain chemistry concepts and questions to us with clarity. I came to Miracle for chemistry tuition with much messed-up chemistry concepts, but lessons with Mrs Lew managed to strengthen my concepts and I am now able to answer chemistry questions with a higher level of confidence. Chemistry lessons are Miracle Learning Centre has been enjoyable and fun-filled, thank you!

Bottom line : Miracle don’t just inspire students, they make miracles.
“The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior demonstrates. The Great teacher inspires” – William Arthur Ward
Mrs Lew is the Great One

Shermin OwS4/2012, CHIJ St Theresa’s Convent

Your lessons are fun as explosive just like potassium + water. Unlike fuels, your passion for chemistry is infinite. You crack us up, now we are alkanes and alkenes. You are beryllium, gold, titanium, fluorine and L.. (BE Au Ti FUL)
We love how you coat our brain with chem. Like electroplating. Our favourite element is uranium, because we love you! Your love for chemistry can’t be taken away from you not even with electrolysis. Not even potassium can displace your from being our favourite chemistry teacher. You colour our lives just like transition metal compounds.

PX and MaiS4/2012, Crescent Girls School

I used to hate chemistry before coming for Mrs Lew’s chemistry lessons. However, gradually I began to realise that chemistry is not that tough under Mrs Lew’s guidance. The notes provided are easy to understand and because of Mrs Lew’s contant drilling of chemistry questions, I had improved by 2 grades! Thank you Mrs Lew! You are a brilliant and inspiring teacher! (and also the best chemistry teacher I’ve ever had) I am glad that I joined Miracle Learning Centre. I look forward to studying for chemistry now! It was an enriching experience with Mrs Lew.

Priscilla GohS4/2012, Bt View Sec School

Hello Beautiful People! I love Mrs Lew cause she is awesome and funny and her actions are so hilarious. Before I came, I was not able to grasp certain concepts because my school teacher only made us memorize facts but I didn’t understand them. However, Mrs Lew helped me see the LIGHT! Thanks to Mrs Lew, I was able to get A1 for my school’s prelims! (MIRACLE) The Awesome.

LisaS4/2012, BPGHS

Chemistry lessons are so fun with Mrs Lew as she always reaches out to all her students. She always advise us on how to prepare for chemistry exams. Notes provided by her are useful and easy to understand and memorized. There are tables, diagrams and flow charts. She always ensure that her students’ well being is always taken care of and one of the most caring teachers we ever had. We are really grateful that we have such a dedicated and friendly teacher. It has been such an imponderable joy to be taught by Mrs Lew!

NadiaCrescent Girls’ School

Mrs Lew is an extremely effective teacher who provides students with very useful chemistry notes. She is clear and concise in her explanation on concepts and I have improved a lot on the subject since attending her lessons. The explained answers in the assessment book that she has written is evidence of the accuracy and clarity of her explanations which is also evident in the interesting lessons she conducts. She has prepared me well for the ‘O’ level examinations.

Chen Wei MayS4/2012, CHIJ St Theresa’s Convent

With patience and compassion, Mrs Lew has guided me through complex chemistry concepts with remarkable clarity and I have now take a great interest in the subject. Thanks to her explanations as well as her simplified notes, I am able to answer chemistry questions with the facts at the tip of my fingers. Simply put, she is truly a miracle worker.

Nadia AlesanaS4/2012, CHIJ St Theresa’s Convent

Hello! Before I came to Miracle Learning Centre, I was failing my chemistry terribly. However, under Mrs Lew guidance, I was able to catch up with my peers and passed within a few months! IT WAS A MIRACLE! Not only is Mrs Lew able to encourage us to work harder and persevere, she is also able to help us grasp concepts rapidly with her clear explanations and answer all the questions we bombarded her with. Amazing right? I know! What are you waiting for? JOIN MIRACLE LEARNING CENTRE RIGHT NOW! With Mrs Lew’s funny and cute and effective explanations, you will be improving in no time!

JillS4/2012, BPGHS