Chemistry Tuition – Diamond Facts

05 Sep Chemistry Tuition – Diamond Facts

Hi, and welcome back to chemistry Tuition lesson. Hope you have been enjoying our recent science classes. Today we are going to dig some interesting facts on a diamond.

As we all know diamond is a precious stone and is a form of pure carbon which is clear and colorless. It is also known as the hardest natural material, as the name suggests; diamond is a Greek word which means ‘unbreakable.’ Now we present you some of the facts about diamond:

I. Amongst the other substances which occur naturally, diamond is the best known for transferring heat, which is, being the best thermal conductor.

II. Though it is one of the hardest stone, it is not so much stable. Therefore, diamonds are actually thermodynamically unstable and thus they are slowly transforming into graphite. Yes, that’s true.

III. One of the interesting facts about the diamond is that if it is a real diamond, it will not show up on an x-ray.

IV. We know it is one of the hardest elements, but did you know that they are 58 times harder than any of the natural material? Well, now you do. Diamond has a giant molecular structure. Each carbon atom is covalently bonded to four other carbon atoms. It is a tetrahedral structure. A lot of energy is needed to separate the atoms in diamond. This is because covalent bonds are strong, and diamond contains very many covalent bonds. Hence it has a high melting point and boiling point.

V. Diamonds are the purest out of all gemstones as they are composed of a single element. The only possible way to destroy a diamond is by heat.

We hope you like these facts in our today’s chemistry tuition lesson. We will get back to you soon with more of such strong facts. Till then stay tuned.


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