What your science tuition teacher wants you to know to score well for science examinations . (Part 2)

04 Feb What your science tuition teacher wants you to know to score well for science examinations . (Part 2)

Your science tuition teacher wants you to read the PSLE Science question carefully.

Most students assume they have read the science tuition question.
Have the read it CAREFULLY and COMPLETELY? Did you underline anything? Recall what your science tuition teacher told you.

Did you underline the following keywords in the science question and in the data given?

Did you underline the aim of the experiment?
(To remind yourself the purpose of the experiment)

Did you underline the constant variable and the changed variable?
(Write the word constant on top of the constant variable)

Did you underline the axis of the graph/reading of the graph if any?

If they are asking for correct or incorrect science tuition questions, you need to do the following.
a) When reading the options, put a cross on the option that is definitely wrong.
Do not rely on your brain to remember. You can also use it for checking purposes later.
b) If you are not sure, put a tick or cross(depending which you think is more correct) , then put a question mark(?).

After doing these steps told to you by your science tuition teacher, it is easy to find out why you got the question wrong. There could be a tick or cross at the wrong option and we can easily clarify the mistake.
Use the elimination method your science tuition teacher taught you if you are not sure.

For open-ended science questions, the above questions above are important to help you identify the science answer. Some of the answers can be found in the scientific information given. We will discuss more about answering PSLE open ended science questions later.

Think of the science answer before reading the PSLE Science MCQ options. Some of the options are very tricky and if you are not careful, you will be tricked.

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