Memorizing the entire science textbook isn’t the key to good grades in Science exams.

The students need critical thinking skills to answer the questions in the exams. Memorizing the textbook may have been useful in the past but it is definitely no more useful today.

It must also be noted that the PSLE syllabus will include science topics from Primary 3 – Primary 6 and that requires your child to work on their foundation to score well in the exam.

At Miracle Learning Centre, our science teachers implement the latest MOE science syllabus into our science tuition classes to help students achieve brilliant results in Primary School Science.

We focus to help the students understand the concepts, learn the process skills, showing them the answering techniques for open-ended questions and using the right key terms to tackle questions. Our teachers boost the confidence of the students to tackle the challenging questions in exams by teaching them how to apply these skills to science concepts.

We use various teaching tools like innovative video lessons, simple experiments for hands-on learning, providing them worksheets and materials and providing them more attention by keeping the classes very small sized.

With all these features our classes have proven to be super effective and parents and ex-students always recommend us to their acquaintances.

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