Science Tuition Presents Louis Pasteur

21 Sep Science Tuition Presents Louis Pasteur

Hello and welcome back to your Science Tuition. Hope you have been having fun learning as much as we are enjoying teaching you.
So continuing with the Science Tuition lessons on the famous chemists, today we are having our study on Louis Pasteur.

We are sure that you boil milk before you consume it. Do you know how this process came into existence? Well, thanks to our Louis Pasteur. He invented the technique of treating milk and wine to stop bacterial contamination. And this process is called pasteurization, which is named after him.

Louis was born on the 27th of December 1822. He was a French chemist as well as a microbiologist and is also famous for the development of the first vaccine for rabies and anthrax. Additional to these discoveries, he also discovered the asymmetrical molecular structure on certain crystals.

Check out some of other lesser known yet amazing facts about him –

Many of Pasteur’s experiments supported the germ theory of disease, they helped to show that microorganisms are the true cause of many diseases. In earlier times people believed that diseases were spontaneously generated, but due to the work of Pasteur, this theory was superseded.

Pasteur also worked in the field of Chemistry and discovered various things like the molecular basis for the asymmetry of certain crystals, made discoveries related to the nature of tartaric acids.

Through researching on chicken cholera and other diseases, Pasteur studied the immune system and vaccination. He helped to produce the first vaccine for rabies, by saving the life of a young boy in 1885 who was the first person to receive such treatment.

Pasteur was made a Grand Croix of the Legion of Honor, a prestigious French order in honor of his work and influential contributors.
Pasteur began to think that bacteria may be the cause of disease in humans and when the French silk market was threatened by disease to silkworms he investigated and discovered that this disease was caused by microbes. He saved the French silk business by eliminating the microbes from the silkworm farms.

Well, that is all for today on Science Tuition. Stay Tuned in for more of such knowledgeable information.
Louis Pasteur is one of the most famous personalities of Science who is known and remembered for his exceptional discoveries. You may have learned about his discoveries but we can bet that in these facts you will be able to get to know about some exciting yet unknown facts about him. Join the amazing Science classes of Miracle Learning Centre where learning will always be fun and exciting.

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