Miracle Learning Centre is the BEST “O”LevelChemistryTuition in Singapore.


“O” level Chemistry may seem daunting for many but with the attentive guidance, the seemingly difficult concepts can be broken down into information that is digestible. This serve as an optimal foundation for their pursuit for scientific knowledge and their preparation for Miracle “A” Level,“O “LEVEL and secChemistry exam. Our tutor, Mrs Lew strategically compiled questions according to topics and level of difficulty to cater to the students learning pace and challenge them with higher-order thinking questions.


Similarly, for the notes provided, the answers for every question from MCQ to Short Ans Ques, will be very clear solidifying the students learning in Chemistry. For “O” level Chemistry, the typical topics that students generally find difficult are chemical bonding, chemical equilibrium, chemicalreactions,electrochemistry, mole concept, and qualitative analysis.