Workshop / Course

2015 Crash Courses for :

1) PSLE Science, PSLE Maths

2) ‘O’ level Chemistry, A Maths , E Maths.

3) ‘A’ level Chemistry, Maths, Physics, Economics.

Be thoroughly PREPARED for your national EXAMS!

Crash Courses For :





‘A’ level Chemistry

(Organic Chemistry Only)

Mon and Fri


June 1,5,8,12,


(24 hrs)

Mr Yang was awarded the PSC Scholarship (Education), studied Chemistry at NUS and was placed on the Dean’s List.Mr Yang has had vast lecturing and tutoring experience at the Junior College level. During that time, his classes consistently ranked highly for value-addedness. He was effective, committed and responsible, and as a result of that, he was appointed subject coordinator for the GCE ‘A’ Level Science Practical Assessment (SPA) in his college.

To help students adapt to this recent trend of “novel” and challenging chemistry questions, Mr Yang has put in place a structured, three-tiered approach towards understanding the questions at the GCE ‘A’ Levels. This will ultimately help students obtain better grades.

‘A’ level Maths

(Complex numbers



Graphs and algebra

Statistics 1

Statistics 2)

Mon, Wed, Fri


June15, 17, 19,


(15 hrs)

Mr Kuan is a ex Hwa Chong Institute lecturer. He is a very dedicated teacher who explains methods for solving Maths problems very clearly. With his years of teaching experience, he is able to help each and every child improve and score well. He is extremely well versed and up to date with JC Maths syllabus. Since each student is unique, he ensures that the student is taught to view a problem from many different angles.

‘A’ level Physics






Thermal Physics




Tue, Wed, Thu

(one thur off)


June 9,10,



(16 hrs)

Mr. Chow is a passionate teacher with years of experience teaching Physics and Math. He taught in a Junior college for 5 years and was voted the most innovative teacher by his students. He was described as a very patient teacher with strong pedagogical background to help students with different needs to maximise their academic potentials. His clear explanations and enthusiasm has enabled him to build a good rapport with his students.

‘A’ level Economics


1)Demand & supply

2) Cost theory/ Market structure

3) Market failure


1)National Income accting/ Standard of living

2)International trade /Exchange rate

3)Government policies


June 9,11,




Ms Lisar Chan graduated with Double Majors in Economics and Japanese Studies. Certified Professional Marketer – Asia Pacific (CPM)She is well versed and experienced in ‘A’ levels Economics. Being an ex-teacher who has taught in schools before, she has a lot of classroom experience for small group students. Ms Chan brings with her very rich experience in the understanding of Economics today, and is well versed in the economics theories, business examples, strategies and exam techniques. She started teaching Economics since 1988 and been through 3 generations of Economics. With more than 20 yrs experience and having worked in corporate MNCs companies as Head of Marketing Div of Asia Pacific region, she has the ability to impart her current level of economics knowledge and updated examples across the world to help her students to learn and excel in the subject (which are not found in textbooks or lecture notes). She is also able to quote practical examples from the different countries and respective government policies due to her vast experience covering Asia Pacific region for more than 15 yrs.

2015 JUNE HOLIDAY CLASSES FOR ‘Primary School’ and ‘O’ Levels




Primary6 Maths (PSLE)

9-12 June

A course covering major topics from P3-P6. A complete revision for PSLE. Exercises and practices are included.Major concepts will be explained. Problem sums will be explained and challenging questions will be provided.

Primary6 Science (PSLE)

16-19 June

A course covering major topics from P3-P6. A complete revision for PSLE. Challenging exercises and practices are included.Keywords will be emphasized and challenging questions will be provided.

‘O’ level Chemistry

15-19 June

Mrs Lew is an ex-school teacher from Maris Stella High and Crescent Girls’ School who specializes in ‘O’ level Chemistry for the past ten years. She is well regarded for her detailed and clear explanation. She also published book titled ‘O’ level Chem Practice Questions Classified Topic by Topic.”Go to for testimonials

‘O’ level AMaths

22-26 June

Ms tan is a dedicated and patient teacher of over 13 years of teaching experience. Over the years, Ms Tan has taught pupils from more than 50 secondary schools in Singapore and has accumulated a vast experience in coaching pupils. Ms Tan was an NIE-trained ex-secondary school teacher for several years before switching to teach at the centre. Fuelled with a strong passion to teach and impart knowledge, Ms Tan believes she can bring out hidden potential in every pupil and ignite their interest in learning Maths and Science concepts. Many real life examples and analogies are often used to make lessons interesting and easy to remember. Do join us and you know we will make a difference to your learning!

‘O’ level EMaths

8-12 June

*Classes will commence only if there are 5 or more students.

Seats are only confirmed upon payment.

Who should attend?

  • All Primary 6 students.
  • All Sec 4 students taking ‘O’ level.
  • All JC2 H2 students taking ‘A’ level.

Why you should attend?

  • Put in minimum work and get maximum results.
  • Saves time since there is someone to emphasize the main points and explain all the concepts that you have forgotten. NOTES will be provided.
  • Easy to understand explanations and concise teaching. Learn from the expert and have your doubts cleared.

Venue : Miracle Learning Centre Pte Ltd

144 Upper Bukit Timah Road #03-01 Beauty World Centre.

Singapore 588977.

Early Bird Bonus: Sign up before 10 May 2015 and get $50 off (for Sec AND JC) and $30 off (For Pri)

‘A’ Level Course

Primary Math and Science

‘O’ Level Course

Time: Pls refer to the above

Cost:$650 for all courses

$600 Early Bird

Date: Pls refer to the above

Time: 9am – 1pm (Lunch Provided)

Cost:$360 4 day Course

$330 Early Bird

Date: Pls refer to the next page

Time: 9am-2pm(1hr lunch break)

Cost:$550 5 days

$500 Early Bird

Date: Pls refer to the above

Visit (under ‘Workshop’) for more details and registration form.

Recommend your friends to join the course and get $20 cash as referral fee.

Payment can be made at Miracle Learning Centre Pte Ltd OR you can send a cheque to “Miracle Learning Centre Pte Ltd”

stating your name, contact number and the course you are signing up for.

For enquiries, call 6463 8756 or sms 8128 8342/9839 9908. Seats are only confirmed upon payment.