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Singapore Maths & Traditional Maths: All The Key Differences Between The Two

Singapore Maths vs Traditional Maths

Singapore Maths & Traditional Maths: All The Key Differences Between The Two

The approach taken to study mathematics makes a tremendous difference. There is no hard and fast rule to stick to one-way solving mathematical problems.

This is why using a methodology that suits your learning style is the right way. Now there are many teaching approaches to take. Singapore maths and traditional maths are the two noteworthy ones.

In our maths tuition classes, our tutors hold the key to teach the best methods to the students. Singapore maths is one of those. We cater to the different needs of our students and adapting to the teaching method is one of them.

But what truly is Singapore maths and how is it different from traditional maths. Let’s know about them here.

Singapore Maths Approach

  • Problem-solving

The approach to problem-solving differs in Singapore maths technique than traditional technique. When it comes to Singapore technique, in order to better understand the problem, students are taught to break down into easy-to-manage steps.

This way the complexity of the problem eases. Students find ease in solving the problem and deeply understanding the concept.

  • Use of Bar models

The bar models are a distinctive feature of Singapore maths technique. Using it helps students to visualise the math problem and solve it in a better way.

The bar models are intended to make the complex problems easy to understand. Therefore, enabling students to solve them while fostering better comprehension of the problem.

  • Focusing on the mastery

The focus is placed on the mastery of topics when it comes to Singapore math technique. Prior to moving on more advanced topics, the approach necessitates mastering the one that’s current.

Students are seldom rushed to cover the curriculum instead are provided ample time to grasp and understand each concept.

  • Curriculum structure

The Singapore math curriculum is well-structured that develops on previously learned concepts. The result is, as the students’ level up in their class, they progress to learn more advanced concepts than their previous classes. Therefore, building their mathematical skills.

Traditional Maths

  • Fixed Curriculum

Nothing really changes in traditional mathematics. All students advance doing the same topics at the same time. This system causes challenges in some students. Since not all students learn at the same pace.

  • Procedure Oriented

Unlike Singapore maths which is application oriented, traditional maths is procedure oriented. Not much time is given to understand the application of formulas or methods, instead the procedure of solving the problem is followed.

  • Rote Learning

Compared to Singapore maths that involves critical thinking in solving problems, rote learning is mostly seen in traditional maths.

Memorising the formulas and procedure is observed in this technique of learning. Students often spend time learning the algorithms without understanding them. This is not a viable approach as it doesn’t favour earning good grades.


The techniques are very much distinct between the two – Singapore and Traditional maths. We at Miracle Learning Centre, adopt Singapore maths that aims towards enriching the learning experience of students.

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