Secondary Schedule 2020
Level Subject Day/Time Day/Time Day/Time Day/Time
Sec 1 Science Tue 3.00pm( MGS) Tue 7.00pm Fri 5.00pm Sat 9.30am
Sat Sat 4.30pm
Sec 1 Maths Sat 12.30pm Wed 5.00pm* Thu 7.00pm* Thu 5.00pm*
Fri 7.00pm*
 Sec 2  Science Thu 7.00pm(1) Sat 9.30am Sat 12:30pm(1) Sat 12:30pm (2)
Sun 9.30am (1) Sun 9.30am (2)  Thu 7.00pm(2)
Sec 2 Maths Sat 10.00am Sat 2.30pm Sun 12.30pm Fri 5.00pm*
Fri 7.00pm*
Sec 3 Chemistry Mon 5.00pm Wed 5.00pm Thu 5.00pm (MGS) Thu 7.00pm
Sun 10.00am (SJI) Sun 12.30pm Sat 4.30pm* Sun 2.30pm*
Sec 3 Physics Thu 5.30pm* Fri 5.30pm* Sat 4.30pm* Sun 12.30pm*
Sec 3 Biology Sun 2.30pm Sun 4.30pm*
Sec 3 Science(P/C) Fri 5.30pm Sun 2.30pm Wed 7.00pm* Fri 5.00pm*
Sat 2.30pm*
Sec 3 Science (B/C) Sun 12.30pm Wed 7.00pm* Sun 2.30pm*
Sec 3 E.Maths Tue 7.00pm* Fri 7.00pm* Sun 2.30pm* Sat 4.30pm*
Sec 3 A. Maths Tue 5.00pm Sat 2.30pm Sat 10.00am* Sat 4.30pm*
Sec 3 IP Maths Mon 5.00pm* Wed 7.00pm* Sun 12.30pm *
Sec 3 IP Chemistry Wed 7.00pm Sat 9.30am
Sec 3 IP Physics Wed 5.00pm* Thu 7.00pm* Sun 2.30pm*
Sec 4 Chemistry Mon 7.00pm Tues 5.00pm Sat 9.30am(1) Sat 9.30am(2)
    Sat 2.30pm Sat 2.30pm(2) Sun 12.00pm Sat 10.00pm*
Sec 4 Physics Wed 7.30pm Thu 7.30pm Fri 7.30pm Fri 5.30pm
Thu 5.30pm* Thu 7.30pm*
Sec 4 Biology Sat 4.30pm Sun 12.30pm* Sun 2.30pm*
Sec 4 Science(P/C) Sun 4.30pm Sun 4.30pm(NA) Tue 7.00pm* Wed 7.00pm*
Sat 2.30pm*
Sec 4 Science (B/C) Wed 5.00pm* Wed 7.00pm* Sun 12.30pm* Sun 2.30pm*
Sec 4 E. Maths Sat 4.30pm Sat 4.30pm(2)
Sec 4 A. Maths Wed 5.00pm Fri 5.00pm Sat 12.30pm Sun 12.30pm*
Sec 4 IP Maths Mon 5.00pm* Wed 7.00pm* Sun 12.30pm *
Sec 4 IP Chemistry Wed 7.00pm* Thu 7.00pm* Sun 2.30pm *
Sec 4 IP Physics Wed 5.00pm* Wed 7.00pm* Sun 2.30pm * Sun 4.30pm *
All classes last for two hours unless otherwise stated. * To be confirmed
Thank you Mr Wong for your patience in teaching our class and for making the lessons fun by using everyday situations as examples to explain physics concepts and helping me in my Science. Thank you for improving our grades. Beatrice and Megan (Sec 4 Physics) MGS
Science and Mathematics Specialist
Learn Science and Mathematics the fun and easy way.Our trained teachers are very experienced and will be able to help you with your work.
Specially designed notes, revision worksheets and exercises will be provided.Clear your doubts and tell us if you do not understand. It is our duty to ensure that you fully understand and are able to apply the concepts that you have learnt. You will not be left out because our class size is small and catered to your needs.
Call us now at 6463 8756 sms 8128 8342 / 9839 9908
Email us at
Thank you Mdm Song for teach me for nearly 3years! You have been a great teacher and have helped me improve my grades. I am very grateful and hope to score well in PSLE. Thank you!
A* for PSLE Maths and Science
Lee Jun Jie Henry Park Pri SchoolThank you for being such a kind and caring teacher! You truly make Chemistry easier to learn! I have become more confident of my Chemistry under your guidance.
Nicole Yap
Methodist Girls’ School
JC Schedule 2020
Level Subject Day/Time Day/Time Day/Time Day/Time
JC 1 Chem Mon 7.30pm Tue 5.30pm* Wed 7.30pm* Sun 2.30pm*
Sun 4.30pm
JC 1 Physics Thu 7.00pm Wed 7.00pm* Thu 7.00pm* Fri 7.00pm*
JC 1 Biology Tue 7.00pm* Wed 7.00pm* Sat 10.00am*
JC 1 Maths Wed 5.30pm* Wed 5.30pm* Sun 7.00pm*
JC 1 Econs Sun 10.00am*
JC 2 Chem Mon 5.30pm Tue 7.30pm Wed 5.30pm Sun 2.30pm*
Sun 4.30pm*
JC 2 Physics Mon 7.30pm Wed 7.00pm* Thu 7.00pm* Fri 7.00pm*
JC 2 Biology Tue 7.00pm* Wed 7.00pm* Sat 10.00am*
JC 2 Maths Fri 5.00pm Wed 5.30pm* Sun 7.00pm*
JC 2 Econs Tue 5.00pm*
JC Chemistry is very tough, I usually find this subject as an obstacle for me. After I found out about Miracle Learning Centre, Chemistry is actually not that hard. Whenever I find a topic that is difficult, Mr Yang will prove me wrong. After a lesson or so, I am able to understand the topic much better and able to do the questions on it.
Benedict Long JC1 ACJC
Primary Schedule 2020
Level Subject Day/Time Day/Time Day/Time Day/Tim Day/Time
Pri 1 Maths (1½hr) Wed 3.00pm* Thu 3.00pm* Thu 7.00pm* Fri 5.00pm* Sun 12.30pm*
Pri 2 Maths (1½hr) Mon 5.00pm* Tue 5.00pm* Fri 3.00pm* Fri 5.00pm* Sun 12.30pm*
Pri 3 Maths (1½hr) Fri 3.30pm Tue 5.00pm* Fri 3.00pm* Sat 2.30pm* Sun 12.30pm*
Pri 3 Science (1½hr) Wed 3.30pm Tue 5.00pm* Fri 3.00pm* Sat 2.30pm* Sat 2.30pm*
Pri 4 Maths (1½hr) Wed 3.30pm Sun 2.30pm Tue 5.00pm* Fri 5.00pm*
Pri 4 Science (1½hr) Thu 5.00pm Sat 2.30pm Wed 5.00pm* Fri 5.00pm*
Pri 5 Maths (2hr) Tue 5.00pm Sat 2.30pm* Wed 5.00pm* Fri 5.00pm*
Pri 5 Science (2hr) Mon 5.00pm Thu 3.00pm Sat 12.30pm Sat 2.30pm  Sun 12.30pm
Pri 6 Maths (2hr) Fri 7.00pm Sun 2.30pm* Fri 5.00pm* Sun 4.30pm*
Pri 6 Science (2hr) Thu 5.00pm Sat 10.00am Sat 4.30pm Fri 5.00pm Sat 2.30pm*

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