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Science Tuition In Singapore Helps Master Science Concepts With No Trouble

Science is the subject that generates several solutions for our everyday lives. It helps to answer the great mysteries of our universe. In simple words, science is one of the most vital channels of knowledge. Science cannot be confined only to school textbooks. A lot of things that kids need to study and understand are related to science. Science concepts illustrate what is around our world. Learning science is important at the same time learning concepts clearly and in better ways is far more important. So, engaging with leading Science Tuition in Singapore can be the best option.

Best Science Tuition classes in Singapore

How to Do Better in Science With Our Science Tuition Classes?

Science tuition in Singapore is one of the major reasons through which students can learn every concept, theorem and law in a detailed manner. Science tutors enhance students' understanding and even make a strong foundation that allows them to pursue science with great interest. Learn concepts in a clear way by seeking help from the Best Science Tuition in Singapore. We are the best science tuition in Singapore offering tailored, focused and engaging classes for all students.

Enjoy All The Perks Learning From Best Science Tutors

There are noteworthy benefits of learning from the Best Science teachers in Singapore. At the Miracle Learning Centre, students can think critically and ask doubts about scientific phenomena. Gain knowledge and learn with complete understanding. We have also introduced innovative science courses for Primary, Secondary, IP, O/A Level and JC students.

Pivotal Features of our Science Tuition Class:

Focus on where the student is struggling with concepts

As science is a broad subject, it has to be completed in a stipulated time. Sometimes, your child ends up struggling with hard concepts and lacks understanding. We help you to focus on these concepts.

Correct all your misunderstood concepts

School class teachers may not solve your doubts at the moment but with Science Tuition teachers, students can quickly correct each and every misunderstood topic.

Get through feedback from the best science teachers in Singapore

Most school teachers do not have time to offer feedback. Our science teachers dedicate time to mark students' progress and offer valuable feedback.

What Makes Us Different?

Our course will be conducted by the Best Teachers of Singapore who have relevant experience and have helped a large number of students to understand the critical topics of Science better and achieve brilliant results. Miracle Learning Centre is noted among the best tuition centre in Singapore with our proven record and experienced team of tutors.

Primary Science

Achieve success with the miraculous AAA formula!
At Miracle Learning Centre, we have introduced a new and proven method which makes the students understand the concepts of Science better.

The AAAs stands for

Arouse Interest

Answering Technique

All rounded development

How Does AAAs Technique Work?

AAA formula to achieve success

We carry out experiments in our classes to demonstrate the various scientific concepts to the students. Instead of spoon-feeding answers, we try to employ appropriate questioning techniques which lead students to state observations, predict outcomes and arrive at a more accurate understanding. Often the students tend to take shortcuts and miss out important keywords, with our systematic method, students will be trained on how to employ the important keywords to answer tactically and score more marks with ease.

We are proud to be proven to be helpful to our students who have achieved brilliant results in their careers with our help and their hard work.

If you can give us your hard work, we guarantee you success.

IP Science Tution

With our Advanced Learning pedagogy, we aim to stretch our students beyond the IP syllabus and prime them for what is required at the A-Level exams. Key Features:

Primary Science tuition centre in Singapore
  • The questions are designed to expose students to unfamiliar contexts while our in-class discussions will challenge students to study the impacts of science on society.
  • Assessment and feedback to condition for exams and monitor progress, focused on equipping students with the necessary foundation to excel at GCE ‘A’ levels.
  • Our IP science tuition for secondary level focus on equipping your child with proper answering techniques and scientific skills like posing questions,inferring, correct use of apparatus and equipment,formulating hypothesis, defining the problem, generating

With our Advanced Learning pedagogy, we aim to stretch our students beyond the IP syllabus and prime them for what is required at the A-Level exams.

Key Features

  • The questions are designed to expose students to unfamiliar contexts while our in-class discussions will challenge students to study the impacts of science on society
  • Assessment and feedback to condition for exams and monitor progress, focused on equipping students with the necessary foundation to excel at GCE ‘A’ levels.
  • Our IP science tuition for secondary level focus on equipping your child with proper answering techniques and scientific skills like posing questions,inferring, correct use of apparatus and equipment,formulating hypothesis, defining the problem, generating possibilities and predicting.
  • possibilities and predicting.
Curative Science classes at MLC

The understanding of science concepts and the skills of a student are tested extensively in IP Level examinations. Miracle Learning Centre focuses to build a strong foundation in science for students and make them ready to face all the challenges of an examination. Our innovative course is based on answering technique which has helped students improve the way they answer open-ended questions. And in this way students have been easily able to achieve excellent results.

Offering The Best Help

  • Weekly assessments
  • Detailed notes and study materials
  • Thorough lectures from top tutors
  • Quality worksheets for practice
  • Rectifying errors by clearing misconceptions

Primary and Secondary Science Tuition in Singapore

Miracle Learning Centre offers the best in class Science Tuition in Singapore for Primary, Secondary and JC Students. With a wide range of options available in the region when it comes to tuitions, there are quite a lot of things which makes us different from the others. Science is a very fascinating subject and it is again very important for the students to learn. But students seem to lose their interest in the subject as they are taught the subject in a very obtuse manner.

A level science tuition

At Miracle Learning Centre, we try to make the learning process full of fun and help our students to learn the toughest concepts of the subject with the help of real-life examples. What the students fail to have in their schools is the individual attention from their teachers, but at Miracle Learning Centre, we have made our classes strictly limited to just 8 heads per class to counter this problem. This allows them to clear all their doubts from the teachers and gradually improve their marks. Our Science Tutors are extremely friendly and always happy to help every student.

Taking Education to the next level

Our Science Tuition Classes takes you beyond the realms of classrooms and books to help you explore real-world science problems and help you to apply them in your daily life. As the leading Science Tuition Coaching Centre for GCE O, GCE A and PSLE Level tuition programmes in Singapore, our innovative classes are here to transform the learning experience of the students.

Miracle Learning Centre offers you the best Science Teachers for Secondary, Primary and JC Level. Our teachers have years of experience and are highly qualified to help students with topics for several curriculums of Science like combined, general, pure integrate programme (IP), IB and IGSCE.

Science is mandatory for all the students in Singapore and it includes the secondary and primary level of education. Students are also required to take a minimum of two Science subjects in the JC and Secondary levels. And for all of this Science is important.

The Ministry of Education (MOE) made Science mandatory for all the students studying in Singapore. It is almost 25% of the total aggregate PSLE scores at the primary levels.

Even for art students, it is mandatory to choose at least 2 combined/ pure Science subjects at the O levels much like the JC students. Learning in groups is much more happening than home tuitions.

Effective learning of primary and secondary science
Practical application of science classes

Science is spectacular but it is again confusing and can be a tough nut to crack if it is not properly understood. Science is wide and deals with a large number of topics. These branches and topics can be complex and may require the student to memorize a lot of things and need a proper understanding of the basics.

Without the guidance of a good teacher, students may lose their interest in Science and start avoiding it. But when you enrol with a good Science Tuition Centre in Singapore, then they will be able to offer individual attention to your child and guide them about overcoming the difficult concepts. The positive effects of this process are something which many big schools and tuition centres may fail to offer because of the huge number of heads they have in each class.

But in Miracle Learning Centre, we have kept out classes short and strictly limited to only 20 heads which gives us the opportunity to overcome these hurdles. Our teachers help students to think critically and creatively to gain understanding and excel in Science subjects.. All your Science Questions which you faced problems with, will be answered by our teachers tactfully.

Importance of the best Science Tutors

We feel and understand the importance of Science Tutors in Singapore. This subject is the backbone for many of the modern-day occupations. For instance, students who are aiming to be doctors in the future, need to learn science by heart. We can work with the students in general content on secondary, IGCSE and IB, primary, integrated programmes (IP) junior colleges (JC). We have curated the most amazing teachers of the region who are highly qualified, immensely experienced, are self-motivated and excited to help the students at every step.

Implementation of methods learning in Science

We implement the most innovative learning methods and make each class full of life. The main aim of these classes is to help the student grow a liking for the subject and feel interested towards it which will gradually help them to increase their marks in the exams and also learn how to apply the knowledge in the real life.

Worthy science tuition classes at MLC

Because of the very expensive tuition fees of several institutions, many students cannot afford them and this creates a problem in their learning experience and to eradicate these problems, our fees have been decided strategically to be accessible for everyone.Students may feel problems in grasping the toughest science concepts in their schools because of the bland and boring methods in which they are taught.

Reason to Choose Us


We believe in helping students to believe in themselves, via the intensive tutorial or collaborative classroom learning.

See the Change in Yourself

Our programmes are highly result oriented for ensuring that your child gets the results which they desire and deserve.

Innovative Learning Experience

Our teachers use the most innovative teaching methods to help students get the most out of the classes.

Dedicated Teachers

We have a team of the best teachers in the region having a combined experience of 25 years.

Crafted Lessons

Our syllabus had been carefully crafted to help students ace their school exams and also be ready for the future.

Affordable Rates

Our rates are affordable for everyone and with various attractive discount offers.

Personalized Lessons

Get lessons which are custom made according to your secondary school syllabus.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are the teachers qualified?

We perform a complete verification and screening of our teachers taking note about all of their certificates and credentials to offer you with the confidence in the qualification and ability of our tutors. They are highly qualified and have years of experience.

2. What if I need to change the schedule of the tuition after the first lessons?

If you need any kind of assistance regarding the need to change the schedule of the tuition within the first month, then please contact us directly and we will be more than happy to help you.

3.Where are the classes held?

Our classes are held at 144 Upper Bukit Timah Road, #03-01 Beauty World Centre.

4.What are the modes of Payment?

You can make the payments via cash, card, bank transfer or cheque.

5.Are the seats limited?

Yes of course they are. We try our best to offer individual attention to our students and for that, we limit our classes to 8 students per class except for sec 1 or sec 2 science which has 5 students so yes, the seats are limited. Seats are reserved only on payment.

6.Are there any free trials?

No free trial. Trials have to be paid.

7.Are there any discounts or offers?

Yes, we frequently have several discounts and special offers for your students and there are also additional benefits if you join one of your friends. For more details contact us.

Testimonials of Primary Science Tuition

Mdm Song
Thank you for teaching me Science!!!
I have improved Science tremendously under you. You are so patient and kind to my classmates and I. I have learnt a lot of things from you. The Science lessons are fun! Thank you for helping me to obtain A* for my PSLE Science.

Shaun Zhou – P6, Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary School

Thank you for teaching me Science. When I started Science, I only scored 60+ marks. After a year, my Science marks went up to 75. The Science classes are so fun and exciting. This is the experiment that she made and I like it.
She taught me many science words. These words help me gain many marks in the Science exam. She gives me time to complete the work that she gives. She explains to me the questions until I understand it! Thank you.

Ong Zhuohao – P6, ACSP

Thank you for teaching me Science. Ever since I join Miracle, I have been getting compliments from my school teacher. I have never once regretted joining Miracle.The teacher is fantastic.

Valerie Ong – P6, Fairfield Methodist Primary School

Thank you for teaching Science and being so kind and good to me. I really like it very much. I really appreciate that you teach me cause my grades got better and better every time. Your lessons are really fun and great.

Charmaine – P4, Pei Hwa Presbyterian Pri School

Dear Mdm Song, thank you for being a super-duper AWESOME Science teacher! You taught me so many out-of-the-box facts, and I am really grateful for that.

Kaelyn Lim – P6, Raffles Girls’ Primary School

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