Primary Science Tuition

Primary Science Tuition in Singapore

Our science program promises to be more than just knowledge. Miracle Learning Centre employs the “ triple A ” teaching method

“ AAA ” is a systematic approach that builds Science concepts and answering techniques in your child.

Arouse Interest – At Miracle Learning Centre we carry out experiments that demonstrate scientific concepts. Instead of spoon feeding answers, we employ appropriate questioning techniques that lead students to state observations, predict outcomes and arrive at a more accurate scientific understanding.
Students also present projects on science-related research that are not syllabus bound. By opening up the spectrum of topics available, students in Miracle LC study the science they WANT to, and not the science they are FORCED to.

Answering Technique – Answers for structured questions need to explained clearly and systematically. Students tend to take shortcuts or miss out important keywords.
Our systematic method to answer structured questions highlights the keywords, and trains students to look for clues in the question, in order to apply scientific facts to answer in a clear and concise manner.

All Rounded Development

Would you want your child to develop only his/her IQ and neglect his/her EQ?
In MIRACLE LC, we develop children holistically, by incorporating into our science curriculum a myriad of activities that teach life skills.
Presentations and in-class discussions will help your child develop crucial public speaking skills and research skills.

We have our own set of notes and worksheets for Primary Science Tuition in Singapore. We carry out simple experiments during the holidays and if the topic is appropriate. In addition, we have fun worksheets consisting of Word Search, Word Match, Crossword puzzles and Word Scramble. Videos are also shown to enhance learning.

We have classes for Primary, Secondary and JC Maths and Secondary Science. We definitely have a class that is suitable for your child. Join us now! Call us at 6463 8756 NOW!

Quality Primary Science Tuition Provider in Singapore

We at Miracle Learning Centre arrange for best Science tuition for your children in Singapore. At Miracle LC we let students do experiments to learn scientific concepts. Instead of simply providing answers, we use effective questioning methods which make students capable of stating interpretations, calculate outcomes, and reach a more accurate scientific understanding.
Students are encouraged to present projects on various science-related research subjects that may even be outside school syllabus. A wide variety of topics are provided, which let students in Miracle LC develop an interest in the topics they want to, and not the matters that are regular for everyone.
A great demand for primary science tuition has been seen in Singapore in recent times because it’s a very valued academic subject which develops knowledge about our environment and the world around us. Even when your child grows up, it helps your child appear for many competitive exams which require scientific knowledge. Quality science education has become a primary priority for the education authorities in Singapore because they want your child to have a full development, and therefore length and breadth of the mathematics program has been greatly developed.
At MIRACLE LC, we bring about complete development in a child by incorporating a myriad of activities that teach life skills in our science curriculum. We arrange for a presentation and in-class discussion which will help your child develop important speaking skill and presentation skill. Miracle learning centre values your child’s learning and we have an idea of how our experienced science teachers can help your child improve and do better in examinations by providing primary science tuition. If you want to hire a skilled private science tutor to impart good science tuition in Singapore, then you don’t need to go anywhere as we will take care of your child’s complete learning requirement.

What your primary science tuition teacher wants you to know to score well for science examinations. (Part 1)

Your primary science tuition teacher wants you to KNOW your science tuition facts well. This may sound easy but you need to know your facts very well and what to focus on.

For primary science tuition students scoring less than 65 marks for SA1 or SA2, you are definitely not sure of your science facts. For this group of students, you need to re-read your notes/guidebooks again. Then you need someone (parent or older sibling) to test you the primary science tuition facts. Please note that your parents or sibling do not necessarily need to know the facts well, they are simply making sure that YOU know them very well. All the chapters from Primary 3 to Primary 6 needs to be revised. Alternatively, you can attend a PSLE Science Crash Course or Primary Science tuition in Singapore at the Miracle Learning Centre.
For science tuition students scoring more than 65, you are quite familiar with the scientific facts. However, there are some details that you may have forgotten. It would still be good to go through the notes/guidebooks one more time before the PSLE Science examinations.
When you are doing Science tuition practice papers, you would also come across certain science tuition questions that you may have doubts. Jot down the topic or specific detail that needs revision. Do it immediately or after finishing the paper. These minor science tuition concepts can save you lots of time as you know specifically what you need to revise. You do not need to waste to much time looking through those facts that you know well already. For example, there was a science MCQ(multiple choice question) with an option about 3 stages and 4 stages life cycle. You are not 100% sure which category damselfly belongs to.

1) Put a question mark on that option.
2) You may not remember exactly the number of stages of some other animals too. So you should revise this SPECIFIC PART in the chapter life cycles.
3) You may realize your notes/guidebook does not have a comprehensive list of animals. You will need to do some research to list most of the animals which belong to the 3 stages and 4 stage life cycle.
4) Use a notebook for your reference.

These details are important if you need to eliminate an option in the PSLE Science MCQ question.
To score an A* for PSLE Science, you need to aim for 60/60 for PSLE Science MCQ.


What your science tuition tutors want you to know to score well for science examinations. (Part 2)

Your science tuition tutors want you to read the PSLE Science question carefully.

Most students assume they have read the science tuition question.
Have the read it CAREFULLY and COMPLETELY? Did you underline anything? Recall what your science tuition teacher told you.

Did you underline the following keywords in the science question and in the data given?

Did you underline the aim of the experiment?
(To remind yourself the purpose of the experiment)

Did you underline the constant variable and the changed variable?
(Write the word constant on top of the constant variable)

Did you underline the axis of the graph/reading of the graph if any?

If they are asking for correct or incorrect science tuition questions, you need to do the following.
a) When reading the options, put a cross on the option that is definitely wrong.
Do not rely on your brain to remember. You can also use it for checking purposes later.
b) If you are not sure, put a tick or cross(depending which you think is more correct), then put a question mark(?).

After doing these steps told to you by your science tuition teacher, it is easy to find out why you got the question wrong. There could be a tick or cross at the wrong option and we can easily clarify the mistake.
Use the elimination method your science tuition teacher taught you if you are not sure.

For open-ended science questions, the above questions above are important to help you identify the science answer. Some of the answers can be found in the scientific information given. We will discuss more answering PSLE open-ended science questions later.

Think of the science answer before reading the PSLE Science MCQ options. Some of the options are very tricky and if you are not careful, you will be tricked.


Mdm Song
Thank you for teaching me Science!!!
I have improved Science tremendously under you. You are so patient and kind to my classmates and I. I have learnt a lot of things from you. The Science lessons are fun! Thank you for helping me to obtain A* for my PSLE Science.

Shaun ZhouP6, Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary School

Thank you for teaching me Science. Ever since I join Miracle, I have been getting compliments from my school teacher. I have never once regretted joining Miracle.The teacher is fantastic.

Valerie OngP6, Fairfield Methodist Primary School

Thank you for teaching Science and being so kind and good to me. I really like it very much. I really appreciate that you teach me cause my grades got better and better every time. Your lessons are really fun and great.

CharmaineP4, Pei Hwa Presbyterian Pri School

Dear Mdm Song, thank you for being a super-duper AWESOME Science teacher! You taught me so many out-of-the-box facts, and I am really grateful for that.

Kaelyn LimP6, Raffles Girls’ Primary School

Thank you for teaching me Science. When I started Science, I only scored 60+ marks. After a year, my Science marks went up to 75. The Science classes are so fun and exciting. This is the experiment that she made and I like it.
She taught me many science words. These words help me gain many marks in the Science exam. She gives me time to complete the work that she gives. She explains to me the questions until I understand it! Thank you.

Ong ZhuohaoP6, ACSP

Here, at Miracle Learning, I met one of the Science teachers that I will definitely remember through the years.
Thanks to her, I achieved something I used to consider a far-away dream, impossible to reach. I got an A on my Science. (PSLE Preliminaries)

Natasha VilaireP6 2013, Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary School

Miracle Learning Centre is the best tuition centre for you if you want to score well in Maths and Science.

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