Science Tuition
17 Aug

[vc_row row_type="row" use_row_as_full_screen_section="no" type="full_width" angled_section="no" text_align="left" background_image_as_pattern="without_pattern" css_animation=""][vc_column][vc_column_text] Science and Society Since time immemorial, human beings have been curious about the world around them. They have looked at...

Algebra-maths tuition
14 Aug

Algebra A Topic of Importance in Maths Tuition

One question which maths tuition centers and teachers are asked countless times is why students should learn algebra and where it is actually used in real life. Well, we decided to put an end to all the confusions and curiosity from the students in this article.
Global Warming
12 Aug

Learn the causes of global warming through our science tuition Global Warming Global warming can be described as the ongoing rise of the average temperature of the Earth's...

11 Aug

Understanding of Reproduction in our science tuition

When humans generate offspring, it is called reproduction. This means there was a merging of the female sex cell and a male sex cell, otherwise known as fertilization.
chemistry tuition
06 Aug

Why Study Chemistry at Miracle Learning Centre? When you join the Miracle Learning Centre, you will not just learn the concepts of Chemistry but you will also...

Chemistry Tuition
05 Aug

Get A Clear View Of Organic Chemistry For Second Semester In Our Chemistry Tuition Organic chemistry is a very interconnected branch of science. Already in the first...

Chemistry Tuition
03 Aug


Is Tuition Necessary In JC?

Do you need tuition for your JC? In this article, we from Miracle Learning Centre, the region's best chemistry tuition are here to break down some of the reasons for why it is important to have tuition for a JC student. The curriculum of JC takes around 2 years to complete and their schedule is very much tight.
Chemistry Tuition
01 Aug

Learn The Tricks To Learn Chemistry Faster In Our Chemistry Tuition

  Chemistry can be a tough subject to crack and at several points of your life, you may seem to lose your interest in the subject. In some cases, you may find it very hard to understand the subject and your learning pace may seem very slow and weak.
Chemistry Tuition
30 Jul

Why you need chemistry tuition to study H2 Chemistry? You scored great in your O-Levels and we really appreciate that. Now for those who have opted for...

28 Jul

Science Tuition  

Learn how to Prepare for any exam through our science tuition

The exam is likely to be more stressful as it becomes more competitive. We are talking especially about the competitive exams. The current trends of the education system lie more on the objective rather than being focused on subjective and the race for getting admitted to the best institute is now harder than ever. 
28 Jul

Score More With Problem Solving Skills From Our Chemistry Tuition

For continuing the academic career, chemistry bridging courses are required and it often makes it very hard for students to get high marks in such courses. this being a requirement for getting accepted in some of the most high profile educational institutes, students can't take the risk of appearing in that exam unprepared.
27 Jul

Chemistry Success Story - Isabella Karle from our tuition Chemistry can sound like a very bland and boring subject with very tough to understand topics and complexities....

25 Jul

Molecular Mechanics of "Body Clock" in our Chemistry Tuition It can be tough for you to sleep in on the weekend on you get up at a...

Visual vids
24 Jul

Math Lesson Delivery in Maths Tuition: The Power of Visual Aids Mathematics is defined as an abstract representational system used in the study of numbers, shapes, structures,...

Maths Tuition
21 Jul

Learn the Concept of Proportion in our Maths Tution Proportion is a mathematical concept that is an essential part of Maths tuition. The concept is used when...

Physics Tuition
04 Jul

Let’s Talk About Physics in our physics tuition Physics can be defined as the branch of science that studies the physical world around us and how it...

Science Tuition
03 Jul

Genetic Engineering in Science Tuition: The Modern-Day Miracle Research has opened avenues that a hundred years ago would have been deemed as dead ends. Genetics is one...

Chemistry Tuition
27 Jun

Have fun with Chemistry in our chemistry tuition When you are going through the daily struggle of academic studies to ultimately reach out to your goal of...

Chemistry Tution
15 Jun


Chemistry in our everyday lives When people hear the term chemistry, the mind often rushes to the romantic high school love chemistry and, perhaps, the popular atomic...

Chemistry Tuition
13 Jun

Madame Curie & the Nucleus of Radioactivity Marie Curie's name has a special spot in the history of chemistry. It is impossible to have fundamental Chemistry tuition...

Mathematical Studies
07 Jun

Is Online Tutoring the Ultimate Solution to Mathematical Studies? Mathematics is one of the most prominent subjects all over the world. It features in almost every educational...

Science in STEM Education
01 Jun

The Importance of Science in STEM Education For a long time, STEM subjects were considered elitist and reserved for a few. However, the turn of the millennium...

27 May

Score more in Physics even if you are weak in Maths Being weak or facing problems in maths is one thing but if you are weak in...

Physics Tuition
25 May

Tips for acing the physics exam Physics has failed to convert a significant number of students as its fan and most of the students just won't pass...