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About Us

The journey started in 2008 as Dr Lew (MBBS) and Mrs Lew founded Miracle Learning Centre Pte. Ltd. together.

Mrs Lew is a highly-qualified individual having graduated from St. Nicholas Girls’ School and Victoria Junior College. She comes with a former teaching background in Maris Stella High School and Crescent Girls’ School. With more than 20 years of experience, she has helped many students in core subjects like science and chemistry. It is her speciality to bring out the best results, as her determination remains unfazed no matter the challenge that students face.

Dr Lew is from RI, RJC and has attended medical school in NUS. His qualification, knowledge and insight is behind the achievement of Miracle reaching a new level.

Founder of MLC - Mr Lew and Mrs Lew
JC Physics Tuition in Singapore

Why Miracle ?

Faster and better learning experience, that’s what Miracle is all about. How do we do that? Our approach is simple yet effective. We make the concepts easy to understand with good application techniques. The result? Students score better in reduced time and effort.

Whether you’re struggling with a subject or trying to excel, Miracle helps all. We believe that every child has the potential and Miracle can unlock that.

Together with our expert team of tutors we aim to create miracles and offer the gift of academic success.

Best tuition centre for maths and science
  • Expert tutors specialising in maths, science, chemistry and physics for primary, secondary and JC levels
  • Rapid learning by focusing on salient points and clearing all your queries
  • Small class group setting enhancing the overall learning experience
  • Quality study resources including abundant worksheets for students
  • Customised worksheets for students to strengthen their understanding
  • Friendly, qualified and highly experienced tutors with former school teaching background
  • Located in a prime and convenient spot in Bukit Timah, Beauty World Centre beside Beauty World MRT


MOE-Registered Tutors

At Miracle, we ensure students learn from the best. With that being said, most of our tutors are MOE-registered. MOE registration holds prime value as attaining it requires submission of A level and university transcripts scrutinised by the Ministry of Education. MOE-registered tutors also means getting a vote of approval for their moral standing and clean background in terms of law.

We understand that parents want their children guided in the most proficient and genuine tutors. The MOE-registered tutors ensure that as our team of teachers come with not only high qualification and experience but a good moral standing too.

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Practical Chemistry Classes

What Makes Our Tuition Classes Worth Joining?

Best tutors for proper guidance

Top Tutors to Guide & Teach

The team of tutors are the main assets of a tuition centre. This is why we’ve picked the best of the best to not just tutor our students but to also guide them. Every student learns differently as some might need special guidance for certain topics and lessons. Our tutors are dedicated to go an extra mile to help students out in the best possible way. Their friendly approach and years of experience make them more than competent.

Engaging Learning methods

Free Consultation

We promise to clear all doubts and leave no questions unanswered from our students. This means our doors are always open to hear our students and their parents. Free consultation is offered to them either over a face-to-face meeting or phone call. We understand the significance of engaging and motivating students to reach their full potential and with our free consultation we offer to do just that. Our tutors are patient, friendly and well-trained to give the best advice and methods to help you out.

Flexible Scheduled Classes

Flexible Schedule

Miracle has many class slots to choose from. We offer our classes for maths, science, chemistry and physics in multiple timings over the week which are made available by the popular demands of students catering to their schedules. The time slots are decided keeping in mind that students get to pick them as per their convenience without having to mess up their routine. Our schedule is flexible like that giving the students the freedom to avail classes to suit their needs.

Best Teaching Module for Students

One-on-One Attention

Schools are never compatible to offer one-on-one attention. We at Miracle compensate for that as we offer each student the undivided attention they need. As we design our classes to be in small groups, tutors are able to focus on each student and identify which student needs help. All our classes are limited to 8 students except sec 1 and 2 science which has 5 students per class. Our precise attention and guidance shape students to become the best and achieve academic success.

Cost-effective tuition classes in Singapore

Budget Friendly

Our classes are known to be available at reasonable rates. But that doesn’t mean we compromise in our quality of classes. With us, you get the best price and best tutoring experience. It is our aim to provide all students with the best of our services to help them reach academic goals. No hidden costs are attached to any of our programs as we take extra care to offer our tuition centre services at the most budget friendly prices.

Dynamic tuition centre

Sparking Interest

We believe in making our classes engaging that sparks interest and love among students for the subject they learn. With our innovative teaching techniques and practical application learning, we make efforts to ignite genuine interest in students. This way they don’t just force themselves to come to classes but are actually engaged to learn and do better. The results are better when students are highly engaged.

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Miracle Learning Centre is the best tuition centre for you if you want to score well in Maths, Science, Chemistry and Physics.

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