Miracle Learning Centre is the best tuition centre for you if you want to score well in Maths and Science.


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  • Specialist in Science tuition and Maths tuition for Primary, Secondary and JC.
  • Able to spend less time on learning, grasp the salient points and answer your queries.
  • In a small class group tuition setting.
  • Abundant worksheets and other study resources for the students.
  • Reinforce students’ understanding by going through our customised worksheets.
  • Our teachers are former school teachers, who are well trained, passionate and will go the extra mile to ensure the students do well.
  • Conveniently located in Bukit Timah, Beauty World Centre next to Beauty World MRT.
  • Call 64638756 or Sms 81288342 or sms 98399908.
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Thanking you to Mrs Lew who have helped me tremendously to achieve an A1 for my chemistry in the ‘O’ levels examination :

-Estella Goh Fairfield Methodist Sec

Miracle Learning Centre Science math tuition

Miss Ong is the GREATEST chemistry teacher! She is a very very caring teacher, thoughtful and understanding. She made chemistry one of, if not, my favourite subject.

– Amir Haziq Afandi, SJi

Mr Wong is a great teacher who never fails to make the lesson interesting. He makes physics seem more fun and often has many stories that help us understand the concepts even better. He always makes sure that we clear any doubt we have and would patiently go through any questions we have. I am very glad to have him as my teacher, thank your Mr Wong!

– Daphne Yap, NHHS


Miracle Learning Centre Science math tuition

The e math class in miracle has helped me a lot since I first started. My grades before starting class with Ms Tan were only around the passing range, but since starting the class, my math grades have been brought up to an A! I am very grateful and this class has helped me tremendously.

– Justin Li, NTSS

Miss Joanna is very humours and engages us during lessons. She makes science easy to remember and makes it fun. Since I joined last year, my science grades have improved and my understanding of science have improved since joining.

– Tan Shi Hui MGS


Mr Yang is a very dedicated teacher who never fails to answer our questions comprehensively and his lessons have enabled us to learn chemistry in such a way that it increases our understanding in a fun way. I have improved remarkably in chemistry by attending his lessons and would no doubt recommend him to any JC students who wants to do well for H2 Chemsitry!

-Ivan (Hwa Chong Institution)