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Best Physics Tuition In Singapore

O Level Physics

If you have been looking for the best physics tuition in Singapore and failed to find the right one, stop worrying and head right towards us. We have the best teaching experts with us. Ms. Ong and Mr. Lim are expert tutors who have successfully helped students clear O level physics over the years. We have a high success rate and proven track record. Get to know more about them down below.

Physics tuition in Singapore
  • Clearing concepts in each topic and their application
  • Exposure to a huge variety of question types within each topic
  • Discussion of concept errors in each topic
  • Highlighting common mistakes made, with feedback
  • Introducing to Time Management techniques
  • Tips on self-checking for those prone to making careless mistakes
  • Managing full papers on all topics
  • Providing easy solutions to critical topics

A/O Level Physics course

Our comprehensive A/O Level Physics course is aimed to help the students jump to A+ in their exams. Rather than just teaching textbook theories, we help our students to apply the knowledge and expose them to quality recap lectures and ample question practice.

With our experienced teachers, we have come a long way in helping students improve their grades.

Our teachers are highly successful and knowledgeable. They are selected after several rigorous rounds of screenings and evaluations. Our goal is to make the misconceptions and doubts of the students go away by encouraging and assisting them thoroughly.

We try to provide an in-depth approach to teaching by providing concise study materials which are focused to build a deep understanding of Physics in our students.

We make sure to introduce
  • Simplified solutions
  • Practice intensive lessons.
  • Exam concise notes
  • Practical recap

Physics Is Interesting

The world around us works on the basis of Physics. From a simple light bulb and cell phone to muscles, lungs and brains; from cars, cameras and cathedrals to even complex natural phenomenon like earthquakes, tsunamis and black holes, everything is related to Physics.

Physics being important and fundamental have its own versions of complexities. Students often fail to understand the important theories and formulas of the subject. To help the students excel in Physics, it is important to provide them with clear concepts, simplified solutions, personalised lessons based on their weaknesses.

A/O Level Physics Course
Physics classes for Primary, Secondary, IP, JC, A/O Level

At our coaching centre, teachers are focused to teach the students, utilising the AAA method. In this method the main focus is to understand the learning pattern and weaknesses of the student provide them with guided expert advice and help them achieve the brilliant results on their own.

Our courses are filled with various games and activities which make our teaching techniques different and unique. These fun activities are designed to help the students learn the science while enjoying and not getting bored.

We have physics classes for Primary, Secondary, IP, JC, A/O Level students which will cover the whole academic syllabus and prepare them for all the tests and exams.

So join us now and grace your career.

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Modern Problems, Require Modern Solutions.

Physics has never stood still at a certain place; it has always been in a growing state where it is getting advanced every day. And with the advancements of Physics, the academic syllabus are also getting revised to keep the students updated. So students are now trying to find the tuition centers which have a modern, innovative and interesting teaching style.
We at MIRACLE LEARNING CENTRE have introduced our Secondary Physics classes keeping all of these things in our mind. Equipped with the Best Teachers and advanced facilities our tutors focus on making the complex topics of Physics easy digestible for the students.


  • State of the art facilities.
  • Innovative and modernized yet simple learning techniques.
  • Complete screening of the student to provide personalized advice.
  • Guidance from the Best Teachers of the country.
  • Doubt clearing sessions.
  • Small Batches.
  • Supply of notes and suggestions.
  • Solutions of Question Papers of various colleges

Our innovative JC Maths course has helped a lot of students to get admitted to their desired Junior Colleges.
Our classes are conducted by Ms. Wong who is a graduate from NTU with a First Class Honors degree in Physics and minor in Mathematics. She has taught A-level Physics and Physics Olympiad to numerous students from various JCs in Singapore. She tweaks her teaching style according to the learner’s need. She simplifies critical concepts and makes them easy to digest for the students and teaches them the various applications of the lesson in both academic and real-life situations.

Best Physics Tuition In Singapore

The complexities of Physics if kept unattended can create great negative consequences on the grades of a student. We at Miracle Learning Centre have pledged to simplify and break down the most complex areas of Physics and make them easy to digest for the struggling students.

Best Physics Tuition In Singapore

Most of the students have faced a point where he or she might have felt difficulties to understand a specific area of Physics. At that point the student needs proper guidance by experienced experts who can help clear their doubts and make them easily understandable. Our coaching classes are focused to give a state of the art experience with in depth focus without making the lectures boring.

What makes us the best?

  • State of the art facilities
  • Best teachers in the industry
  • In-depth focus on the most critical topics
  • One to one personalised advice
  • Innovative teaching techniques

Ms. Ong

Mr. Wong who was previously with Fairfield Methodist Secondary School has obtained his PGDE (merit) from NIE. He has been teaching students for more than 10 years and has updated his teaching techniques according to the modern needs. Loved by his students Mr. Wong has gone the extra mile to help students.

Mr. Lim

Mr. Lim, specialised in secondary Chemistry and Physics is very patient and has a detailed step by step problem solving approach of teaching. Being an ex school teacher with an experience of more than 12 years, Mr. Lim encourages his students to engage in various discussions.

So without any further ado give us a call on 6463 8756 to sign up early to experience a rare to find teaching experience.