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Have you been facing problems to understand your school lessons in Physics, Chemistry Maths and Science? Are you looking for an innovative way to clear all your doubts and misconceptions about these subjects?

Practice book for Chemistry at MLC

The tuition industry of Singapore has been growing significantly for a long time. In this crowded market of education centers in Singapore, it is getting harder and harder to find out the most suitable tuition center according to a student’s need.

At Miracle Learning Centre we believe that every student on their own is a miracle and they just need to be pointed towards the light to succeed. We believe that the problem begins with the failure to understand topics which takes away their interest from the subject and makes them demotivated. In our courses we at first try to bring the attention of the students towards the subject by showing them interesting and fun facts behind every topic, then we focus to identify their weaknesses and help them to rectify them to build their self-confidence. At the next step, our focus is to show them how to answer the open-ended question easily and technically. Apart from all these we provide them with the most simplified solutions for each topic and give them concise notes.

Our students are also accustomed to the various challenges that they may encounter during their examinations and are given access to question collections from various different schools of Singapore. Our team of teachers consists of some of the best science teachers of Singapore who are highly patient and friendly with the students. With their help, many struggling and mediocre students have been able to achieve A’s from C in their examinations. Every now and then we get feedback and testimonials from our satisfied parents and students.

Our motto is to make learning fun and easy for everyone and make everyone who is worthy enough to be successful. For the past 10 years we have been prevalent in the tuition industry of Singapore and have been achieving massive appreciations from everyone who came to us for help. If you want to achieve excellence then you should definitely give us a try.

We have also introduced some exclusive books for our students which will be very helpful for them. They can collect the following books from our office.

O' Level Chemistry Practice Question

JC Data Card

Students and teachers and friends, you are welcome to get this JC data card from us.

Science Formula Card

Students and teachers and friends, you are welcome to get this Science formula card from us.

Maths Formula Card

Students and teachers and friends, you are welcome to get this Maths formula card from us.

Miracle Learning Centre is the best tuition centre for you if you want to score well in Maths and Science.

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