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Profile of Mr Yang,

Mr Yang studied at Raffles Institution (Gifted Education Programme) and graduated from Raffles Junior College with straight As in all subjects, including Chemistry.

In 2002, he was awarded the Public Service Commission Scholarship (Education) and read Chemistry at the National University of Singapore (NUS). There, he was placed on the Dean’s List and graduated with a Bachelor of Science (Chemistry, 2nd Upper Honors).

Mr Yang has had 4 years’of lecturing and tutoring experience at the Junior College level. During that time, his classes consistently ranked highly for value-addedness. He was effective, committed and responsible, and as a result of that, he was appointed a subject coordinator for the GCE ‘A’ Level Science Practical Assessment (SPA) in his college.

Mr Yang firmly believes that each student has his/her own learning style, and students should, therefore, be guided towards developing personalized study methods which work best for them. He sees tuition, with its smaller class sizes as an ideal opportunity to do so.

Lastly, JC Chemistry has become more challenging in recent years. The style of questioning has changed, and the papers are no longer as straightforward as they used to be.

To help students adapt to this recent trend of “novel” questions, Mr Yang has put in place a structured, three-tiered approach towards understanding the questions at the GCE ‘A’ Levels. He believes that arming students with a better understanding of the types of H2 Chemistry questions will ultimately help them obtain better grades.

Testimonials For Mr Yang (JC Chem)

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