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No More Maths Anxiety with Our Maths Tuition in Singapore

Children often develop anxiety in maths. They struggle with this subject when they cannot ace math skills and are constantly expected to learn mathematical skills. It has been seen that most students find mathematics one of the toughest subjects of all. Maths deals with loads of numbers, equations, formulas and other things which are quite complex to understand. Few students feel anxious about not getting the right answers and not understanding whatever is taught in class. You can reduce all the stress and anxiety by making your child join one of the best Maths Tuition in Singapore. Maths tuition in Singapore is available at varied rates, however, we offer our maths tuition classes at affordable prices as we believe in offering quality learning experience for students of all backgrounds. Learn maths stress free at reasonable rates!

What Makes MLC Worth Joining

Get Guidance from Experienced Teachers

We have the best specialised and experienced maths teacher who guides students thoroughly. Our tutors ensure excellence for your learning experience.

Multiple Time Slots for Flexible Schedule

There are a wide number of math class slots for pupils to choose from. Get the convenient timing as per your accordance.

Cost-efficient Tuition Centre

MLC offers effective maths learning at an affordable price under superior maths tuition teachers. Whether it is secondary 3 or higher levels, our charges for maths tuition are at best rates.

Miracle Learning Centre For the Best Maths Tuition in Singapore

Miracle Learning Centre is one of the best maths tuition providers in Singapore, which can help pupils to get away from anxiety in maths and score A+ with less effort. We offer students with efficient and specialized maths tutors who give attention to mastering their basics. Reach out to us for both primary and secondary maths tuition classes.

Typically, maths tutor charges in Singapore are based on hourly basis as per the subject level of the student. We at Miracle Learning Centre have the most reasonable charges where our experienced and highly-qualified tutors offer teaching and guidance. With us students get the best maths tuition experience in Singapore.

Grasp Fundamental Concepts With Maths Tuition In Singapore

When students cannot grasp fundamental concepts, they feel disappointed in not scoring well in maths. In due course developing a dislike for maths is common. All these make the development of mathematical skills harder. School classes may not be enough for your kid, so experts recommend seeking help from maths tuition in Singapore. The shaky foundation in mathematics will never work well. Expect your kid to gain mathematical skills from the best Maths tuition in Singapore. Ultimately kids will love maths and develop the confidence to study more.

Speciality of Our Maths Tuition

Learning A level maths at MLC

At Miracle Learning Centre, the learning begins with making the students fall in love with the subject. Because we believe that forcing a student is never a solution. We try to show them the funnier side of the complex subject which comes with several real-life examples, fin facts, diagrams and other things. Then we encourage the students to try solving mathematic on their own and strengthen their base. Our experienced and extremely qualified teachers are very much friendly. They try to be close with each and every student, try to understand their strengths and weaknesses. This allows them to create a custom learning plan for every student that can help them.

Not every student has the same weaknesses and strengths and this makes you get enrolled in a Maths Tuition Centre which can create a tailor-made plan for each and every student that proves to be beneficial for them. We try to make the hard to understand topic easy to understand for the students and break it down to easily digestible portions. All of these things combined make us the best choice for the students.

Miracle Learning Centre

If you are looking for the Maths Teachers in Singapore, then you are in the right place. Miracle Learning Centre comprises of the most experienced and successful teachers who can help students to take on the challenges of Maths for Secondary School, PSLE, IP Maths, JC Maths, IGSCE & IB Maths, which helps you to excel without any difficulty.

Well-curated tuition classes
Premier tuition centre in Singapore
Effective learning for science and maths students

What Are the Challenges Students Face In Maths?

Maths is one of the most important subjects in not just school or college but it is important for several future career options and real-life scenarios. This subject can be very tough to deal with but get one thing clear that there is actually no escape from this. Students do not have any other choice than getting in the mood and in good terms with the mandatory subject.

They only have two options; one is either to do that or suffer the consequences for a long time. But there is a solution which can help the students. Maths give students a phobia right from the very beginning. The teachers instead of making things better create things much tougher for the students. The students then seek help from their parents but they don’t receive that because either their parents are too busy or simply don’t know how to help. This increases their struggles more.

To cater to all of these problems which are faces by students during their learning stage, Miracle Learning Centre has designed it’s tuition classes in a very innovative way so that the students get everything which they desire.

Our Solutions

Best secondary maths tuition centre in Singapore

Practical Application

Teachers of the Math Tuition helps students to understand the toughest theories of Maths by using real-life examples that students can relate to.

Custom Study Materials

Students will gain from the lesson notes and unique perspectives that the tutors bring to the table.

Tailor-Made Lessons

Students will be guided thoroughly according to the lessons on which they are weak or feel hard to understand.

Impactful Lessons

Our teachers understand thoroughly the areas of challenges in Maths and help students to learn those challenging areas step by step with ease.

Strategic Approach

Maths Tuition Teachers try their best to understand the weaker areas of a student and also focus on strengthening their areas of expertise.

Fun-filled Classes

Our teachers try their best to add flavor and fun to the very dull and boring subjects.

Private Lessons

If your child needs completely private tutors for grasp the topics, we are there to help you out.

They seek for their teachers to help them out but in most cases, things become much more problematic for them. Not everyone has the same learning pace. Some people can easily adapt to any learning process and some desire a much slower learning process.

They go back to their home and complain about the problems which they faced in their schools. Keeping all of these in mind, Miracle Learning Centre was designed with only one major goal in mind.

We try our best to offer them the learning experience which they desire. We have brought in the most trusted and successful teachers of the region who will be more than happy to help you out with all your problems. Under their guidance, you can be assured to achieve success.

maths tuition in Singapore
maths tuition centre in Singapore

Many students get goosebumps just by the word of Maths and it also makes them go crazy. It is important in nurturing the education in the children but it is also confusing and complicated. There is also no way of avoiding the subject as in Singapore, it has a very high priority of importance.

The math curriculum of Singapore is extremely famous worldwide and many nations have started to follow the curriculum of Maths tuition in Singapore. It is no doubt a very difficult task for all parents to get started and then sustaining in Maths. So, for that, it is always better to opt for a Maths Tuition in Singapore who can help your children to understand the subject in a fun manner. This is not entirely possible in a classroom setting where a teacher has to cover a huge syllabus to a lot of students.

A maths tuition center in Singapore will simplify the subject and help the students to feel interested in the subject. Miracle Learning Centre is the best Math Tuition Centre in Singapore having teachers who can help your child for math at all levels of education starting from Primary, Secondary, A, and O Level and others.

Our teachers are having a combined experience of several years and are more than happy to help the students for all their problems.

Choose us for getting the individual help which you lack in your school due to the huge amount of students present. We keep our class size limited to 8 students. Mathematics is a mandatory subject for students in Singapore and no one can evade it. Students have no other choice than to get into the mood for maintaining good terms with this extremely daunting subject. Without that, they will have to suffer and face lifelong problems.  But thankfully, it does not need to stay in this position. Many students have expressed their phobia of maths right from a very young age.

In terms of price range, maths tuition charges vary as per the levels and hours. For instance, P6 maths tuition in Singapore may cost $40-$50/h for full time. Accordingly, the rates go up as per the class levels. We at Miracle Learning Centre keep our prices at the most reasonable rates so that every student gets the opportunity to gain the best learning experience.

What We Offer To You

Individual Attention

We feel the need for individual attention for the students which they don’t get in the school and for that, we have made our classes limited to only 8 students for being able to address each of them.

Comprehensive Syllabus

Our teachers have crafted a comprehensive syllabus for the students that is a perfect combination of their academic syllabus and also makes them learn the subject thoroughly. This makes them ready for the future.

MOE-Registered Teachers

Around 90% of our teachers are registered with MOE which gives proof about the proficient knowledge and good moral standing of our teachers. This can help parents to make their selection with ease.

Experienced and Dedicated Teachers

We work really hard for ensuring that we have one of the most experienced and qualified teams of Maths teachers in Singapore so that our students can get the highest quality of help.

Batches with a smaller crowd

Our classes are kept limited to only 8 students in each batch for helping to create equal options for all the students to get personalized attention from the teacher and clear their doubts.

Comprehensive maths tuition at MLC

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I change or cancel my tutor if I am not satisfied with the current one?

Yes surely, if the assigned teacher is not meeting your desired needs, then you can simply inform us regarding cancellation or request a change.

2. Are the teachers qualified?

We perform a complete verification and screening of our teachers taking note of all of their certificates and credentials to offer you confidence in the qualification and ability of our tutors. They are highly qualified and have years of experience.

3. Where are the classes held?

Our classes are held at 144 Upper Bukit Timah Road, #03-01 Beauty World Centre.

4. What are the modes of Payment?

You can make the payments via cash, nets. paynow, bank transfer, or cheque.

5. Are the seats limited?

Yes of course they are. We try our best to offer individual attention to our students and for that, we limit our classes to 8 students per class except for sec 1 and sec 2 science which has 5 students per class, so yes, the seats are limited. Seats are only reserved on payment.

6. Are there any discounts or offers?

Yes, we frequently have several discounts and special offers for your students and there are also additional benefits if you join one of your friends. For more details contact us.

Best maths learning centre in Singapore

Testimonials for Maths Tuition

Dear Mdm Song, Thank you for helping me in my studies! I will be able to do well in my studies because of all the assessments given to us. Mdm Song and Primary Maths tuition at Miracle Learning Centre have helped me a lot and I really enjoyed the lessons with the thought that I would be able to get much knowledge. All in all, I would like to thank both Mdm Song and MLC for giving me a chance to shine and prove myself. Mdm Song is the best!

Seow Jia Xuan– Yew Tee Primary

Before I came here, my Maths was horrible. I always landed in the 60s region. Now after I came here, my marks improved a lot and now I got 97 marks for prelims!
Thanks Primary Maths tuition MIRACLE

Richard Lei Sihan– Primary 6 Pei Hwa Presbyterian Pri School

Thanks for teaching me Maths and Science during this short period of time before my exams. MY GRADES have improved immensely.
SA1 : 65 Prelim : 81
and I am grateful for what you have done.
Thank you Primary Maths tuition !!!

Renee Ong

Thanks for teaching me !! You were a great teacher. I feel so good when you do the maths. The problem sums very difficult but I know how to do already. Because of you I know the difficult methods.

Cedric Chan– Primary 5 ACS (Primary)

Thank you for teaching me Math that help me greatly!!!
My marks improved from 68 to 93 !!

Renee Ong

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