Primary Maths Tuition

Miracle Learning Centre employs the “ triple A ” teaching method
“ AAA ” is a systematic approach that builds heuristic problem solving skills in your child.

Attitude (mindset)

Miracle LC  incorporates motivational techniques into fun, interactive lessons that build up speed and accuracy in problem solving. Students grow in self-belief, and approach problem sums confidently.

Aptitude (ability)

– With the right attitude, interest in mathematics can be fostered, and at Miracle LC, we strongly believe in (and have observed that!) interest in a subject strongly correlates to aptitude and performance.

Amplitude (depth and breadth)

– Students with the right Attitude and Aptitude can then be stretched to achieve mathematical mastery. Miracle LC’s  In-House programmes systematically guide students from P1 to P6, providing students with challenging questions at every step of the way.
Our guided worksheets encourage self-learning. This allows students to develop critical/logical thinking, model drawing and problem sum interpretation.

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TESTIMONIALS for Primary Maths

Dear Mdm Song, Thank you for helping me in my studies! I will be able to do well in my studies because of all the assessments given to us. Mdm Song and Primary Maths tuition at Miracle Learning Centre have helped me a lot and I really enjoyed the lessons with the thought that I would be able to get much knowledge. All in all, I would like to thank both Mdm Song and Miracle Learning Centre for giving me a chance to shine and prove myself. Mdm Song is the best !

Seow Jia XuanYew Tee Primary

Before I came here, my Maths was horrible. I always landed in the 60s region. Now after I came here, my marks improved a lot and now I got 97 marks for prelims!
Thanks Primary Maths tuition MIRACLE

Richard Lei SihanPrimary 6 Pei Hwa Presbyterian Pri School

Thanks for teaching me Maths and Science during this short period of time before my exams. MY GRADES have improved immensely.
SA1 : 65 Prelim : 81
and I am grateful for what you have done.
Thank you Primary Maths tuition !!!

Renee OngPrimary 6 (2014) Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary School

Thanks for teaching me !! You were a great teacher. I feel so good when you do the maths. The problem sums very difficult but I know how to do already. Because of you I know the difficult methods.

Cedric ChanPrimary 5 ACS (Primary)

Thank you for teaching me Math that help me greatly!!!
My marks improved from 68 to 93 !!

Chan Yi FengPrimary 5 Nanyang Primary School

Thank you for teaching me Maths! Although I am weak in maths, but you still try your best to HELP me. After going a few sessions, I think that I will really make a HUGE improvement!!
Thank you!!!

Odelia ChiaP6 Yew Tee Primary School

Thank you 4 Teaching me Math! from just (51) passed, I got an A (prelims)
(wow! A 30 marks increase!) (81)
I joined in P4 and now P6 !
Come And Join Miracle Learning Centre! Thx!

JulianaDe La Salle Primary School

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