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Secondary Maths Tuition – MLC

Miracle Learning Centre is a specialist for Science and Mathematics. Our Secondary Maths tuition teachers teach students how Maths formula come about and how to apply them. Maths is brought to LIFE by our maths tuition teachers explaining and relating Maths to our life experiences.

After understanding the formula, maths tuition students will be given worksheets to practise. As students do the practice questions, they gradually find out any misconceptions they have and how to solve more and more challenging questions.

We start from the basics and students gain confidence as they progress. They are finally able to solve difficult questions with ease and speed.

Anyone of you who HATES Maths and think you cannot do it? Come to Miracle Learning Centre and put us to the test now. Miracles take time too. You need to gain confidence and then you will have the ability to believe that you can do it. Gradually, your fear of Maths will be eliminated. You will definitely be able to improve and ACE Maths!

For those who need the extra push to improve your grades and Ace Maths, Miracle Learning Centre Secondary Maths tuition teachers will be able to do it too!

In Miracle Learning Centre, we have classes for primary maths tuition, secondary maths tuition and JC maths tuition. For secondary maths tuition, we include Lower Secondary Maths, Additional Maths, Elementary Maths and IP Maths.

As long as you are willing to do well and put in the effort, we will never give up on you. Everyone can do well in Maths if you have the right teacher. In Miracle Learning Centre, we select our Maths tuition teachers very carefully and monitor them as well. Be assured that your child is in good hands by choosing Miracle Learning Centre.

He is an amazing A math teacher who is understanding and optimistic.
He ensures I secure an A1 in my examinations and does not give up on his students. He tries his very best to help us with our math and contribute a lot to our journey to attain an A1 in our O levels.
Always all smiles, he will patiently guide you through questions. He never discourages, and always encourages. I find joy in attending his Math lessons, just like how he finds joy in teaching and guiding his Math students to success.
Thank you.

Sharon ChanSec 4, Crescent Girls School

Thank you for being patient with me and the rest of the students even when we are unsure about the A maths Sums.
You are also very innovative in certain tips and tricks to do certain problems like proving or differentiation.
You are also very quick in identifying errors in the workings and very effective in guiding us on the next few steps after the first error.

Pang Yu JinSec 4, ZhengHua Secondary School

“Learn about our A Maths and E Maths (SEC) Teachers!”

Profile of Ms Tan

Ms Tan is a dedicated and patient teacher with 13 years of teaching experience. Over the years, Miss Tan has taught pupils from more than 50 secondary schools in Singapore and has accumulated a vast experience in coaching pupils.
Miss Tan was an NIE-trained ex-secondary school teacher for several years before switching to teach at the centre. Fuelled with a strong passion to teach and impart knowledge, Miss Tan believes she can bring out the hidden potential in every pupil and ignite their interest in learning Maths and Science concepts. Many real-life examples and analogies are often used to make lessons interesting and easy to remember. Do join us and you know we’ll make a difference to your learning!

Profile of Mr A

Mr A has a lot of teaching exposures in schools. He is very clear in his explanations and students understand without much difficulty. He put in his utmost effort to help each and every child do well. Students who come with poor understanding and poor grades never fail to understand and make vast improvement in their grades.

Thank you for putting in so much effort these past months and helping us students excel in our A maths. You have been very friendly and I hope I’m teachable lol : P
Do keep up your effort and zeal for teaching Math, and yes, I will continue to do my best for the future !!

TiniSec 3, Zhong Hua Secondary School

Thank you for your hard work and your teaching. Despite being cute for quite a few E-math lessons, you will still continue and try your best and teach me. My Mathematics results have improved and it was because of you. You really inspire me to be a great E-math teacher when I grow up. I was in your E-math class for two years and have learnt a lot from you. I really appreciate your passion for teaching and your smile that you have. I want to thank you once again and I didn’t regret joining this tuition centre (although I live quite far from here). Lastly, Happy Teacher’s Day! (E Maths)

Glenn TaySec 3, Bukit View Secondary School

Thank you for the hard work and effort. Your patience allowed me to improve on my Mathematics, from a fail to a distinction. I have been in your E-math class since secondary 2 and have learnt a lot from you. I would like to thank you for the effort and time you put in to teach me E-math and making sure that I fully understand. Thank you. (E Maths)

BrandonSec 3, Bukit View Secondary School

Thank you so much for helping me improve greatly in E-maths! Whenever I met with difficulties, he would teach me patiently correcting my mistakes, allowing me to understand what mistakes I made. He is a very responsible E-maths teacher making it his priority to make sure we understand before he continues.

Kwok JienengSec 3/2011 Queensway Secondary School

Mr A
Thanks to the Maths Teacher of Miracle Learning centre, my determination and understanding in E math has tremendously improved. Due to this, I have also greatly improved in my grades, from a D7 in the mid-year exams to an A1 for the End-Year exams in E math. The Maths Teacher is very passionate in the way he teaches, never giving up until we completely understand the topic. Such an awesome Math teacher is also a rare find, and besides, he is also very engaging and keeps us interested in the Math subject. Miracle Learning Centre is not only inclined in the tutorial aspect, but the environment and equipments also provide a good learning experience. A small class of about 3 to 5 students, each classroom will be spacious, not only that, giving more attention from the Maths teacher too!
Thanks again!

Tan Wei YingSecondary 3/2011, Swiss Cottage Secondary School

Miracle Learning Centre is a place where you can reduce stress and enjoy studying. Ever since, I came here, my Maths grades have improved from a just pass to an average grade.

Gabriel TeoSecondary 3/2011, Choa Chu Kang Secondary school

The Maths lessons are good. With a small class, it makes the classroom very spacious. There is also free flow of drinks and papers for everyone. The Maths Teacher is very funny and he is also very stylish. Furthermore, Miracle Learning Centre has provided us with a good learning environment.

Louis KimSecondary 3/2011, Yusof Ishak Secondary School

He is a Math tutor that teaches his students with passion. One can simply tell that he puts his heart into making sure that the concepts or formulae are presented clearly. To his students, he goes beyond teaching, by playing a role of a mentor. Often enquiring about our schoolwork to see if we are coping well, and provides tips to help us excel in other subjects too. Attending his Math lessons had brought about a significant improvement in my Math grades, from C6 to B3. As Mr Tan’s explanations and methods to solve questions are presented articulately, they are easy to absorb. One should definitely consult him if they hope to see a sprout in their Math grades.

Cheryl PamS4/2012, Bukit View Sec School

He shows us the meaning of care through his weekly Math tuition classes. He never fails to be there when we needed his help. He pays attention to our needs and he would always be patient with us whenever we ask him a question. He puts in extra effort to make me understand a certain math concept that I have found it extremely helpful. Indeed, I am thankful that I am in his Math class and I find much joy being able to work with him to strive towards my goal. He is also my friend, whom listens to me whenever I seek help from him. He is someone whom I respect and yes, he is my role model.

Gina Tan Jin XuanS4/2012, St. Margaret Sec School

Thank you for tutoring me in Math for the past 2 years. You have helped me with the weekly work assignments, my math project works and raised a genuine interest in me for the subject itself! From failing my first A Math exam to getting a 71 in the most recent examinations, you have been a key in helping me score in Math. Also, thank you for lending a listening ear and providing counsel for when I came to tuition with a troubled mind. You’ve embodied a mentor and father figure, and I do hope you will continue to inspire others!

Terence LohS4/2012, ACS (I)

The Math lessons were beneficial. I have learnt new ways to take questions and small things to take note of.

Glenn Tay 

The Maths teacher is really good. Any doubt I have was cleared and he really knew what to put more emphasize and time on. The timing is just right, not too long or short. He is well prepared and he had enough work to do throughout the course. Questions given were really good as well, making me realize what I was lacked and was weak in the strengthening me in those areas. I think if I can do well during the course in my ‘O’s, it will be a piece of cake.

Jareth Yap 

He is helpful enrichment and revision during holidays in preparations of prelims and ‘O’ levels. Refresh and refine our work. Interactive due to smaller size of class. Friendly teachers.

Edwin TangHoly Innocents

Mr A
Our Math teacher is very patient. No matter how we ask and ask he will patiently explain. Although I came in only during the June holidays, he still taught me many things. I managed to catch up with my Math class and I became better in math. He has helped me to improve a lot better. Now in school, I understand what my teacher is saying better. Thank you : D

Tee Kai XinSec 1, New Town Secondary School

Thank you for teaching our class Math and being patient with us. I have had a fun time learning new math problems and methods on solving challenging questions. It has been a great time in this Math class. Thank you and Happy Teachers Day in advance.

Jonell LowSec 1, Westwood Secondary School

I think this Math tuition is very helpful and the teacher is most likely one of the best math teacher as I can understand his explanations and it helped pull up my math grades and even though I might be slow at times, he is very patient, and he does not give maths homework.

Kim Soo MinSec 1, School of the Arts Singapore

I think that Miracle Learning Centre has definitely improved my Mathematics skills, thanks to the wonderful tips and techniques taught by Mr Alvin. He is a very cheerful Math teacher who always helps me and my classmates when in need and I am very glad to have such a wonderful Math teacher who is kind and caring.

Lucas KohKent Ridge Secondary School

Mr A is a very cool Math teacher.
The Math lessons are very engaging.
The Math class is very lively.
The Math class goes at a reasonable speed.
The Math students are all very friendly.

JemimaBukit Batok Secondary School

I have a great time in my maths class. I have been improving Math since I joined Miracle from a low A1 to a high A1 and then to TOP in my class !

Austin PuaSt Joseph Institution

MIRACLE LEARNING CENTRE has helped raise my confidence level in studies and improved my Emaths and combine sciences. Teachers are always willing to go to the extra mile to help me.

Hsiao IreneSec 4, Tanglin Secondary School

My teachers have been kind, patient and fun. My Maths and Chem has also improved .

Chloe KohSec 4, River Valley High School

Thank you Miracle Learning Centre!
For the abundance amount of knowledge I have learnt when I came into Miracle for tuition.

Chua Shu QiSec 4, Damai Secondary School

Thank you for being a fantastic math teacher, who has been so persistent with his teachings. You have shown me the way to math, the solutions of life and how to differentiate between right and wrong. Furthermore, you have shown me how to integrate values into my learning. You have made my last year at miracle learning centre enjoyable and fulfilling. You have given me the inspiration and hope to continue learning math not only to pass, but to get that A1 for O levels. Hopefully then, I will also be able to inspire other young men, C like myself) to have a keen interest in math. My admiration for you is like 1 divide by O, it has no end.
You have showed me and my classmate that learning math is not just about numbers, and teaching is not just about the subject. You have been more than a Math teacher.

Russell LuiSec 4, SJI

Mdm Song, thank you for teaching me Math these passed few months. I have improved a lot in my math after being taught by you.

Jordan KohSec 1, Kent Ridge Secondary School

Mdm Song, thank you Mdm Song for teaching me Maths and letting me get from D4 TO A2.

Darryl TanSec 1, Zheng Hua Secondary School

Mdm Song, thank you for teaching me Maths. Through this, I improved a lot especially Linear Graph and simultaneous equation!

Nicole Loh Kit YingWest Spring Secondary School

Dear Mdm Song, thank you for teaching me Maths. My Maths grades have increased from D7 to B3 in my Maths and has helped me a lot. She is a very nice yet a little stern. She is an awesome Math teacher.

Glen Soh Zi HaoChestnut Drive Sec School

Dear Mdm Song, thank you for teaching me Maths. My Maths grades have improved!! By 20%!!! In just a few weeks!!!

Ansell ChanSec 1, Fuhua Secondary School

Mdm Song, yay, thank you so much for the help in Maths. I’ve improved from a B4 to A2!! I know we always don’t listen in class but I listen! Some of the time so thanks!

Glenda ChuaSec 1, Kranji Secondary School

Mr S
The Maths classes have improved my understanding for Maths and solved all my Maths problems. (No pun intended). Now I feel more confident in my Maths skills.
The Maths teachers here are friendly and the Math classes interesting, which makes learning more enjoyable.

Chew En ChinJC2, River Valley High School

. I can get my A now
. Explanations are very clear
. very engaging Math lessons
. Math lessons are fun and interesting
. Able to score full marks for statistics after few math lessons
. Maths teachers show great extent of care
. Maths lessons end punctually
. JC2 Maths & Physics teacher is of the best teachers I have met
. Air-conditional is working, very cold
. Got free sweets
. not cramp

Chua Kah SiongJC2, National Junior College

Miracle Learning Centre is the best tuition centre for you if you want to score well in Maths and Science.

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