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Primary Science Tuition Testimonials

Testimonials Primary Science Tuition

Testimonials Primary Science Tuition

Science is one of the primary subjects which a student is made to learn during the initial stages of School. Science tells about almost everything that we see around us. Every phenomenon, whether natural or man-made has a scientific explanation. Without Science, the world cannot move ahead and human civilization has been advanced only because of Science. Science which was once hated and feared by society and was named as a very dangerous practice has now become the lifeline of the planet. Students who plan to take non-science stream during their higher studies are also needed to have a basic knowledge of Science as it has connections with a lot of other subjects. Because of Science a lot of unknown things that were once unknown has come into the light which has helped the civilization to grow.

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It is being a fundamental subject requires to be learned with a comprehensive approach. There are various things which Science tells us about and the best way to learn is to question the traditional beliefs of Science. This subject needs curiosity and it can only come when students feel excited or enthusiastic about what they are learning. The primitive style of teaching of various schools and institutions in the country has been not successful enough to promote the fun of Science among the students. So we at Miracle Learning Centre have brought in some of the best teachers in the country who are highly experienced and are very patient and friendly to the students. With their help, we have introduced special Science courses for secondary science tuition, primary science tuition, IP science tuition in Singapore where it is guaranteed to be fun and enriching at every step. We always look forward to finding the best possible way to make our courses unique, fun-filled and extraordinary from any other education center of Singapore. We have implemented modern and exciting teaching techniques where students are taught via games, videos, presentations, illustrations and other tools. We feel proud to say that our modern and advanced techniques have been always proven to be helpful for the students who were once struggling with Science but now after joining Miracle Learning Centre are able to score more marks in just a small span of time. If you feel that Science is not your cup of tea then we would like to invite you to try our courses for once and feel the difference. We offer courses on secondary science tuition, primary science tuition, IP science tuition in Singapore.
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Primary Science Programme

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Memorizing the entire science textbook isn’t the key to good grades in Science exams.

The students need critical thinking skills to answer the questions in the exams. Memorizing the textbook may have been useful in the past but it is definitely no more useful today.It must also be noted that the PSLE syllabus will include science topics from Primary 3 – Primary 6 and that requires your child to work on their foundation to score well in the exam.

At Miracle Learning Centre, our science teachers implement the latest MOE science syllabus into our science tuition classes to help students achieve brilliant results in Primary School Science.

We focus to help the students understand the concepts, learn the process skills, showing them the answering techniques for open-ended questions and using the right key terms to tackle questions. Our teachers boost the confidence of the students to tackle the challenging questions in exams by teaching them how to apply these skills to science concepts.

We use various teaching tools like innovative video lessons, simple experiments for hands-on learning, providing them worksheets and materials and providing them more attention by keeping the classes very small sized.

With all these features our classes have proven to be super effective and parents and ex-students always recommend us to their acquaintances.

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