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Miracle Learning Centre is among the best chemistry tuition in Singapore covering various chemistry tuition programs. With our help, you can achieve the best results in this intriguing subject. We believe every student has the potential to get impressive scores with the right guidance and learning. Keeping that in mind, our tutors offer students with well-curated study plans and resources. Enroll in our chemistry tuition classes and achieve excellence.

Best Chemistry tuition centre in Singapore

Why you should choose Chemistry Tuition?

Chemistry deals with the study of the structures and properties of different elements. This subject has bright scope to deliver for pupils. Many professions are dependent on chemistry.
It is a vital subject to learn and master. But a few students find it boring, so it becomes important for them to seek help from chemistry tuition teachers.
They simplify chemistry concepts for you and make your understanding of chemistry easier. Joining Miracle Learning Centre will allow students to seek needed help from the best Chemistry Tuition in Singapore.

No Room For Doubts Or Queries At Our Tuition Centre

Expert chemistry tuition classes allow students to be prepared in the best way possible. Our tutors adopt effective techniques to ensure every lesson is covered within the syllabus.
But that doesn’t mean we compromise with our students’ understanding. Our classes are designed to make the hard-to-understand concepts simplified.
This way students can gain a full understanding of what they are studying. So, if you wish to excel in this subject then join our chemistry tuition in Singapore now!

Curative Chemistry Tuition Class at MLC

Learn From The Best Tutors In Singapore

Why compromise when you can learn from the best. At Miracle Learning Centre, students have the opportunity to study from highly effective chemistry tuition classes. We understand that each student is unique. Therefore, apply varied techniques and strategies to make chemistry concepts easy. With our chemistry tuition, students get:

Effective Learning From Modern Teaching Styles

Students get best learning experience as we adopt latest & modern tutoring styles.

Focus On Covering Full Syllabus

With our help, you get to cover the entire chemistry syllabus with clear understanding.

Individual Attention To Each Student

Each student has a varied learning pace & capacity. We value that by offering individual attention

Get Help for ‘A’ & ‘O’ Level Chemistry Tuition In Singapore

A track record of over 95% students improving their grades with our guidance

Miracle Learning Centre has been offering expert chemistry tuition in Singapore for more than 12 years. With our expert tuition services, we have earned the trust of 1000+ parents and students.

We prioritise offering tuition classes for Chemistry at the ‘A’ and ‘O’ levels. Additionally, we also provide JC Level and H2 Level Chemistry tuitions along with crash courses classes.

Our chemistry tuition classes are designed to be small so that students gain in-depth learning. These types of classes also allow students’ to boost their concentration and focus on weaknesses to improve.

After that,we at MLC make students go through rigorous practice and revision techniques so that they’re better prepared for exams.

Students get the chance to learn modern and better techniques to answer questions. This helps them to get better scores in their A-Level or O-Level Chemistry exams.

Best Chemistry Class in Singapore
Comprehensive Chemistry Learning at MLC
Well structured Chemistry tuition centre
Avail Best Chemistry Tuition at MLC

Specialized Chemistry Tutors

Learning from our chemistry tuition classes means getting guidance from the best private tutors in Singapore. Our tutors are highly-qualified and NIE trained with years of experience.

Any doubts or queries will be cleared by our tutors. Moreover, their friendly approach & efforts to help you out make them the best tutors in Singapore.

Typically, the tutor cost in Singapore varies as per the different levels and class hours. For example, A level chemistry tutor can cost a student around $20 to $60 per hour. But joining a tuition centre like us means you don’t have to pay hourly. Instead our charges are monthly and structured to be reasonable. Students get access to specialised chemistry tutors for all levels at the best rates possible.

Mrs. Lew

Mrs. Lew has previous experience of teaching in Maris Stella High and Crescent Girls’ School. Over a decade’s experience, she has garnered a highly successful career in offering chemistry tuition.

She completed her graduation from NUS with a major in Chemistry. Also, she is a NIE-trained educator. Besides her role as a teacher, she is a mother of two and has earned a reputation of being friendly to her students.

She is loved by all of her students and is known for her patience. She has a record of explaining concepts in detail with utmost. Among her varied accolades, she has even published a book named ‘O’ level Chem Practice Questions Classified Topic by Topic.

If you’re looking for any more details on our other tutors, please click here.

Our Chemistry Tuition Programs

We offer A-Level H2 Chemistry Tuition Weekly classes. These classes are ideal for IP Yr 5-6 and Junior College 1-2 students. We have expert private chemistry tutors who conduct these classes to make learning and guidance most effective. Our classes even make use of molecular videos, models, fun facts, and discussions to enrich the learning experience.

Junior College students are able to link their prior knowledge from secondary O level chemistry with these classes. Our tailored teaching techniques are sure to leave an effective impression on students.

These classes are suitable for students who don’t shy away from working hard and get good grades. Our chemistry classes are designed to compensate for the lack of personalised attention offered in school.

Our chemistry tuition programs also include chemistry crash courses or bridging courses. The A-Level H2 Chemistry Crash/Bridging Courses are tailored for JC1 students who require work on foundational topics in Year 1.

These crash courses are intensive and aim to cover challenging topics of Chemistry. The best Chemistry tutors in Singapore conduct these classes over a period of 5-6 days in December. But, the seats are limited for these classes, hence, we suggest enrolling for them soon to avail some exciting offers.

We also offer crash courses on specific topics during school holidays. The announcement for these courses are however made before one month of the course date. Hence, be sure to keep an eye on our website to get the latest updates on classes.

Our O-Level and IP Chemistry Weekly Classes are for students who want a macroscopic overview of the Chemistry subject. These classes make students gain understanding of the varied chemistry concepts beyond the books with real-life applications.

The classes are also handy for students wishing to have access to effective resources and studying methods. We also conduct formative group tuition classes for Sec 3-4 students. Our expert chemistry tutors use quality notes and advanced techniques in these classes to help students learn foundational chemistry.

The use of modern technologies and methods make these classes fun and engaging. These classes are designed to develop an interest and liking towards the subject.

If you struggle with ‘A’ Level H2 JC Chemistry then this tuition program is just for you. With the help of our friendly teachers, students are able to seek guidance in every step of the way.

The primary aim of this course is to develop an interest and love for chemistry. We make use of different modern teaching techniques allowing us to make the course fun and engaging.

We also teach students effective answering techniques, tips and tricks, which all combined makes the course enjoyable and effective.

LIVE Classes – As the pandemic hit the world, students were unable to join our classes. Lockdowns and social distancing created a challenge for students to come to our classes. We wanted our students safety but also didn’t want their learning to suffer.

Keeping those things in mind, we introduced our LIVE Online Chemistry Classes which students can attend from the comfort of their homes. These classes allowed students to get tutoring from our expert teachers through their smartphones, laptops, etc.

Our online chemistry classes gave students to ask teachers their doubts and questions. For further assistance, our teachers uploaded video lessons regularly on our website which students can avail anytime.

Additionally, students can even request classes about a specific topic and we will try our best to get it uploaded as soon as possible.

The Proven Track Record of our Success

  • Students achieved better grades in a short time with our assistance.
  • Almost 95% of our students have shown better scores by at least 4 grades in their scores.
  • All the Chemistry Classes in our center are conducted by the top Chemistry Teachers of Singapore.
  • Our students have a better understanding and more knowledge about the topics when compared to other students.

What Can You Expect From Our Tuition Centre?

There are several things you can find at Miracle Learning Centre which can be of benefit to you. There are more than just normal Chemistry Classes. From LIVE Webinars to Video Lessons, we ensure students get the best tutoring even in tough times.

Our weekly on-site classes are designed to build a strong foundation and help you in acing your exams. The timings are kept conveniently to help you attend them regularly without hampering your school timings.


Miracle Learning Centre always prioritises the students convenience. We are always focused on providing our students the best tuition classes to overcome their difficulties and meet their needs.


When it comes to the best tuition centre in Singapore, we are among the noteworthy names to be considered. Our proven track record and consistently updating learning offerings are part of what makes us the best tuition centre.

There are 3 parts to learning Chemistry:

Understanding Chapters with us

Understand the concepts of the chapter.

First Part
Enhance Your Knowledge with MLC

Memorize the facts till you are 100% sure

Second Part
Pratical Questions Papers

Do practice questions to ensure you have learnt the chapter well.

Third Part

The study of Chemistry is not based on reading the textbook alone. Some students read the Chemistry textbook, understand what was explained but still do not perform well for the exams. There could be several reasons. It is proven that reading alone cannot result in better understanding.

Before anything else, it is vital to have a strong understanding of basic facts of every chapter. If you are unable to achieve that then it would be difficult to fully grasp the concepts of that chapter. We at Miracle Learning Centre keep these things in mind and offer tuition classes that are most effective.

Whether it is Secondary or JC Levels our classes are tailored to meet your understanding and plus they are at reasonable rates. In general, the chemistry tuition charges are as per the level. For example, JC H2 Chemistry tuition can cost around $300-$400 monthly. At Miracle Learning Centre, we maintain the most reasonable rates and in fact even offer special discounts and offer periods to cut down the prices.

‘O’ Level Chemistry Topics

1 Separation Techniques 2 Particulate Nature of Matter 3 Elements, Compounds and Mixtures 4 Atomic Structure 5 Bonding 6 Formula and Equations 7 Mole Concept 8 Electrolysis

9 Electric Cell 10 Energy Changes 11 Redox Reactions 12 Speed of Reactions 13 Acids, Bases and Salts 14 Periodic Table 15 Qualitative Analysis

16 Extraction and Properties of Metals 17 a. Air and Atmosphere b. Nitrogen 18 Fuels b.Introduction to Organic Chemistry c. Alkane and Alkenes,Alcohols, Carboxylic Acids and Esters d. Macromolecules

Get your FREE copy of our summarised Chemistry and Physics Formula Card from Miracle Learning Centre! It contains many of the facts needed for chemistry exams. Everything you need in one colourful card.

‘A’ Level Chemistry Topics

Score Good in Chemistry with the Help of MLC

Physical Chemistry

In this branch, the important topics of Atomic Structure, Energetics, Bonding, Chemical Equilibrium, Kinetics, Thermodynamics, Oxidation, Electrode Potentials, Rate Equations, and Electrochemical Cells will be covered.

Inorganic Chemistry

Inorganic Chemistry deals with Group 2, Periodicity, Group 7(17), the alkaline earth metals, properties of period 3 elements & their oxides, the halogens, Reactions of ions in aqueous solution, Transition Metals.

Organic Chemistry

The toughest yet important topics like Alkanes, Alkenes, Alcohols, Halogenoalkanes, Optimal Isomerism, Organic Analysis, Carboxylic Acids and Derivatives, Aldehydes and ketones, Aromatic chemistry & Amines will be covered.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where are the classes held?

Our classes are held at 144 Upper Bukit Timah Road, #03-01 Beauty World Centre.

2. What are the terms of the payment?

You need the pay the fees on the first class of every month. There is also a one-time registration fee, deposit, and material fee.

3. What are the modes of payment?

There are a lot of modes of payments ranging from cash, cheque, nets, paynow, bank transfer. You can choose any of the methods which suit you.

4. Are online lessons helpful?

Online lessons like the offline classes come with both pros and cons. Pros are that during these pressing times you will not require to visit our classes and can attend the classes from your home in comfort and save on transport time. Cons are that there will no printed notes and you will require an internet connection and you will not be so responsive or attentive.

5. Are there any free trials?

No free trials. You have to pay for the trial lessons.

6. Are there any discounts or offers?

Yes, we frequently have several discounts and special offers for your students and there are also additional benefits if you join one of your friend. For more details contact us.

7. Are the seats limited?

Yes ofcourse they are. We try our best to offer individual attention to our students and for that we limit our classes to 8 students per class except sec 1 and sec 2 science which have 5 students per class so yes the seats are limited. Seats are only reserved on payment.

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Miracle Learning Centre is the top A and O level Chemistry tuition centre for you if you want to score well in Chemistry.

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