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Separation Techniques – Chromatography

Separation Techniques – Chromatography

Chemistry tuition classes in Miracle Learning Centre is very useful. If you do not understand chemistry, you must definitely attend the chemistry tuition class at Miracle Learning Centre. Let us learn about separation techniques – chromatography in this chemistry tuition lesson.

Your chemistry tuition teacher at Miracle Learning Centre will teach you about chromatography. Chromatography is used to separate different dyes based on their relative solubility in the solvent. The more soluble dye to travel higher up the paper. The less soluble will be nearer to the starting line. The dyes are compared based on the Rf value. Rf value refers to the ratio of the distance travelled by the substance to the distance travelled by the solvent.

Chromatography is the most widely used separation technique in chemical laboratories, where it is used in analysis, isolation and purification, and it is commonly used in the chemical process industry as a component of small and large scale production. In terms of scale, at one extreme minute quantities of less than a nanogram are separated and identified during analysis, while at the other, hundreds of kilograms of material per hour are processed into refined products.

Chromatography is very useful in scientific research. The results can be obtained very quickly. The main advantage is that it requires a very small amount of the mixture. It is used to test for purity of a substance and to analyse drugs in urine samples. Chromatography can be used to analyse colourless substances as well. A locating agent will be sprayed on the chromatogram to react with the dye to form a coloured compound.

The student at Miracle Learning Centre asked, “What is the solvent commonly used in chromatography?” The chemistry tuition teacher at Miracle Learning Centre replied, “The solvent commonly used in chromatography is ethanol. Ethanol is a good solvent. The beaker needs to covered to prevent evaporation of the solvent. ”

Miracle Learning Centre hope you have understood the chromatography and how it helps you to answer chemistry tuition questions. Do come to Miracle Learning Centre for more chemistry tuition lessons to learn more about chromatography and chemistry.

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