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Boost Your Interest In Physics with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Boost your interest in physics with physics tuition

Boost Your Interest In Physics with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

As the world is moving faster than ever towards Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, you must find a way to stay updated about the latest trends of the field. In the following, we will be discussing some of the top AI and ML blogs that will help you out with your physics tuition.

The entirety of Computer Science, Machine Learning and AI’s concepts are dependent on Physics and Mathematics. So, if you are a student and want to pursue in the field of technology in the future or just to get a normal job you have to be proficient in AI and ML. So, it is never late to start learning and clearing your science doubts from experienced physics and math tutors from the Miracle Learning Centre Singapore.

10 Great Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Blogs To Follow

By following and learning from these blogs you will not only enhance your knowledge but also stay prepared for the future with new and upgraded skill sets.


Industry legend Sam Altman is running this organization. So, you can comprehend how big the thing is. Contributors from Amazon Web Services, Microsoft, and Infosys discuss their collective efforts to promote and advance AI technologies through long-term research.

2. Distill:

Duly managed by Shan Carter and Chris Olah Distill offers an easy to understand blog about the advancements of AI and ML using appealing and interactive data visualizations. It acts as a platform for authors to publish their work together.

3. Machine Learning is Fun:

Run by Adam Gietgey, the Machine Learning is Fun blog covers various aspects of ML through interactive tutorials and practical examples, which make it easier even for newbies to see the useful applications to different businesses and industries.

4. Machine Learning Mastery:

Authored by Jason Brownlee Machine Learning Mastery blog helps the newcomers and new learners to easily understand various concepts of ML.

5. The BAIR Blog:

The BAIR Blog is founded by the artificial intelligence research department at UC Berkeley created this blog to convey their research findings and important information about their AI-related work.

6. FastML:

FastML is mainly crafted for tackling various ML topics with ease and in an interesting way. Run by an Economist Zygmunt Zając, FastML tackles the topics of overfitting, pointer networks, and chatbots, among others.

7. Bacancy:

Led by Chandresh Patel, Bacancy provides a comprehensive coverage of the latest AI-related technology and business news through. This blog or news portal is enriched with latest updates in the field of AI and ML.

8. AWS Machine Learning Blog:

AWS or Amazon Web Services offers mainly the latest innovations, projects and guides that reveal industry strides to readers and covers ML uses in Amazon Web Services technology.

9. Apple Machine Learning Journal:

Apple is also dominating the mobile and tablet world through SIRI’s AI and ML upgrades like advanced voice recognition, predictive text, and autocorrect functionalities.

10. AI At Google:

AI and ML today play a critical role on Google’s Search Engine systems. From Google Maps to redefined Google Searches AI and ML is leading the way. By following AI At Google you will stay on top of every upcoming update made by Google.


We at Miracle Learning Centre in Singapore provide an unmatched Physics Tuition along with valuable resources for students who are struggling with the challenges of this subject.
Our aim is not only to help improve their score in physics but also spark interest with engaging resources and innovative efforts. These blogs are a way to know more interesting aspects of physics and trending technologies of today in the scientific field — AI and ML.
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