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3 Renowned Chemists and Their Valuable Contributions to Human Race

3 Renowned Chemists and Their Valuable Contributions to Human Race

Eager to know about some of the greatest contributions that took place in the world of science? In our chemistry tuition today, we will shed some light on three of the most valuable contributions that benefited the human race considerably.

1. Antoine Lavoisier (1743 – 1794)

Antoine Lavoisier, who’s regarded as the ‘father of modern chemistry’ established the law of conservation of masses. He was the one who condemned the phlogiston theory, and went on discovering the chemical nature of combustion. Not only did he name oxygen and hydrogen, he also helped build the metric system.

2. Dmitri Ivanovich Mendeleev (1834 – 1907)

Russian by birth, Dmitri Ivanovich Mendeleev is a scientist and chemist. His most noteworthy contribution to science was the founding of periodic table. Not only did he foresee number of elements to be discovered, he predicted their properties as well.

3. Fritz Haber (1868 – 1934)

Fritz Haber, a German chemist, was best known for his work on synthesizing ammonia, which is extremely crucial not only for fertilizers but explosives as well. There were a number of controversies that surrounded Haber for his work on chlorine and other gases deemed to be toxic. Moreover, he’s also been known as the father of chemical warfare.

So these are three of the most significant contributions made by famous chemists to mankind. Keep browsing the Chemistry Tuition section for more such updates.

Now let us also mention a top 3 list of Renowned Female Chemists-

Marie Curie 1867 – 1934

You may have already heard about her in your secondary and primary chemistry tuition class right? If not then don’t worry, we got you covered. Marie Curie co-discovered the chemical elements radium and polonium. She made numerous pioneering contributions towards the study of radioactive elements and also carried out the first research about the treatment of tumours with radiation.

Rosalind Franklin 1920 – 1958

Rosalind Franklin in another important which should be mentioned. This gone to soon genius, provided the most part of the data which was used to establish the structure of DNA. She also discovered that DNA can exist in two forms and established that coal acts as a molecular sieve.

Stephanie Kwolek 1923 – 2014

Have you heard about Kevlar armours? Yes the one that we see militaries and police use. But have you ever thought of what actually that armour is made? No, it’s not metal, it’s plastic! She invented Kevlar, the extremely strong plastic used in applications ranging from body armours to tennis racquet strings. Join Miracle Learning Centre, the best chemistry tuition centre of Singapore where our teachers will provide you with more fun facts and will help you to learn the subject better.