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4 Effective Ways to Revise for O Level Chemistry Exam


4 Effective Ways to Revise for O Level Chemistry Exam

The ‘O’ Level chemistry exam can be tough and intimidating. But with the best learning and preparation, students can ace the exam and earn impressive scores. For those who find the subject of chemistry challenging can seek help from the best chemistry tuition Singapore.

In most chemistry tuitions, tutors make the effort of offering preparation techniques that allow students to study the subject effectively. Revision is very important when it comes to preparing for O Level exams.

Since the topics are many, it is pretty common to forget what you’ve studied previously unless you do suitable revision work. So, how to make the most out of your revision work?

Below we have enumerated a few effective ways which students can adopt to do the best revision work. Keep reading till the end to find out.

  1. Make cheat sheets to utilise them to the fullest

You may not realise this but the power of cheat sheets can be immense when it comes to revision work. Now, when your exam is approaching you and you are completely done learning the chapter in your syllabus then it is the best time to make cheat sheets.

Begin with one chapter at a time. When you revise a particular chapter, note down all the definitions, chemical equations, formulas and key concepts of that chapter. Do it in bullet points or as concisely as you can.

Work your way through all the chapters till you create these sheets for all the chapters. Now, these sheets will help you do last-minute revision in the best way possible. Also, while making the cheat sheets, you are revising all of the chapters again.

  1. Go through previous question papers and solve them

Getting used to the question pattern while revising is the best way to get the most out of your preparation. So, skimming through previous years’ question papers will help you a lot in your revision work.

Read through the questions and solve them out. You can also solve mock question papers to not just revise the chapters but also test your time management skills. This will definitely help you out a lot when you sit for the O Level chemistry exams.

There are many chemistry tuition centres that offer such mock question papers to prepare students in the best way possible.

  1. Give it a day or two for revising the calculations

Although there isn’t much mathematical calculation in the chemistry syllabus, there are a few fundamental calculations, for instance, number of moles, atom numbers, etc.

More importantly students are expected to solve chemical equations that carry great scores in the exam. Therefore, make sure to give a day or two for revising these calculations and fully prepare for the exams.

  1. Highlight important facts and information

There are several factual information that you need to memorise. The best way to learn and revise them is highlighting them. You can use colourful highlighting pens or can simply underline them.

So, what are you waiting for? These are a few effective ways to revise for the O Level chemistry exam which you can adopt to improve your revision work.