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4 Steps Battle Plans to score A/A* in PSLE Science

4 Steps Battle Plans to score A/A* in PSLE Science

PSLE Science Students need to KNOW your facts well.
This may sound easy but you need to know your facts very well and what to focus on.

For students scoring less than 65 marks for SA1 or SA2, you are definitely not sure of your science facts. For this group of students, you need to re-read your notes/guidebooks again. Then you need someone (parent or older sibling) to test you the science tuition facts. Please note that your parents or sibling do not necessary need to know the facts well, they are simply making sure that YOU know them very well. All the chapters from Primary 3 to Primary 6 needs to be revised. Alternatively, you can attend a PSLE Science Crash Course or Science tuition at Miracle Learning Centre.

For students scoring more than 65, you are quite familiar with the science facts. However, there are some details that you may have forgotten. It would still be good to go through the notes/guidebooks one more time before the PSLE Science examinations.

When you are doing Science tuition practice papers, you would also come across certain questions that you may have doubts. Jot down the topic or specific detail that needs revision. Do it immediately or after finishing the paper. These minor science tuition concepts can save you lots of time as you know specifically what you need to revise. You do not need to waste to much time looking through those facts that you know well already. For example, there was a science MCQ(multiple choice question) with an option about 3 stage and 4 stage life cycle. You are not 100% sure which category damselfly belongs to.

1) Put a question mark on that option.
2) You may not remember exactly the number of stages of some other animals too. So you should revise this SPECIFIC PART in the chapter life cycles.
3) You may realize your notes/guidebook does not have a comprehensive list of animals. You will need to do some research to list most of the animals which belong to the 3 stage and 4 stage life cycle.
4) Use a notebook for your reference.

These details are important if you need to eliminate an option in the PSLE Science MCQ question.
To score an A* for PSLE Science, you need to aim for 60/60 for PSLE Science MCQ.

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