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5 Effective Ways To Memorise Periodic Table

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5 Effective Ways To Memorise Periodic Table

Periodic table is one of the key things that you need to memorise early on when you are taking up chemistry. But what many don’t realise is that periodic table needs thorough learning and memorising it by heart will help you in solving many calculation based questions in chemistry.

Also, it is not as easy as memorising the maths table. There are expert chemistry tuition classes available which you can join to get help for learning chemistry lessons. But the effort to learn and memorise the periodic table has to be done by yourself.

In this blog, we enumerate a few of the effective techniques that could help you out in memorising the periodic table. Keep reading till the end to find out.

Repeat and Learn

The best way to memorise the periodic table is to go back to the basic technique which is to repeat it over and over. Remember how we all learned our alphabets, yes, we can apply the same technique here.

Repetition could be an essential part of the learning process. However, it may seem boring and effective, nevertheless, you shouldn’t forget it has some part to play in learning and memorising the periodic table.

So start your journey of learning the periodic table with the technique of repetition.

Use Flashcards

If you are thinking that the repetition method is not working for you then why not put this technique to test with the use of flashcards. The act of creating flashcards and using them physically is an important step that can help you memorise the elements of the periodic table.

Additionally, flashcards are convenient and they can be taken anywhere. This means that you can learn and memorise anywhere, on-the-go.

Apply Acronyms & Acrostics

This is a technique which can help you memorise a few of the elements on the table. While it does not make sense, your brain can process the acronyms and acrostics to remember the name of the elements in an easy and effective way.

Turn It Into A Song

It may sound crazy but turning the periodic table into a song can do the trick of memorising it. A catchy tune has the capability to get stuck in your head and you can remember the elements easily.

Seek out for tutorial videos online where you may find a periodic table song. Learn it and you may never forget it. Plus, learning with the help of a song is a lot less boring than other methods.

Mental Imagery

Visualisation and association mnemonic techniques can be extremely helpful in memorising the periodic table in a short time. Since these methods enable us to create mental pictures in mind.

So, what are you waiting for? Learn and memorise the periodic table for chemistry with the use of any of these techniques.