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A little chemistry fun

A little chemistry fun

The simple mention of the word chemistry may sound like a trip to the moon or Mars for most children. You do not want to drive grade one pupils crazy by giving a technical definition of the term chemistry. Instead, some chemistry tuition classes that revolve around simple facts will do the trick. There is always a fun activity that will be more attractive to kids. That can be used by a tutor to illustrate the whole concept behind chemistry.

You could start with a few simple facts before progressing to easy experiments that are colorful and harmless to kids.

Chemistry facts to share with children

These are a few examples of simple chemistry facts to share with your youngsters:

  1. Atoms are tiny little particles that you cannot see with your naked eyes. You need a tool called a microscope which has got a type of glass called a lens. When you look through the lens very small objects appear bigger. You can see these objects only when they appear like this through the microscope. This tool can make objects appear bigger up to 100 times or more.
  2. The cooler temperatures that anything is subjected to the smaller it becomes in size. This means that is shrinks, though not to the extent of disappearing! However, water is the only substance that becomes bigger or expands when it is subjected to cooler temperatures. This again does not mean it grows into a giant!

Easy experiments for youngsters

Make a ‘volcano’

Get a mixing jar with a narrow head and pour in some water, vinegar, and detergent. You can add some red and orange food color to create an impression of real lava pouring down a mountain.

After mixing you reagents pour into the mixing jar a pinch of baking soda and watch your ‘volcano’ erupt.

Making invisible ink using baking soda

Mix some baking soda in water and fill it into a nib pen. Use the pen to write on a piece of white paper. Hold the paper well above the flame, moving it the flame along the writings. The baking soda will burn to reveal a written text.

There are many more very simple experiments and facts around you that you can use to arouse the interest of youngsters in chemistry. Thus, chemistry tuition classes take the children a long way in understating the concept.

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