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Four amazing Maths Activities and Games to check out
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28 Sep Four amazing Maths Activities and Games to check out

Preschool is an imperative phase in any child’s life. The kid gets exposed to certain innovative concepts and ideas during this time. These ideas and concepts will help them a lot for their remaining schooling life. So, it might happen that your child hasn’t reached the preschool age yet. In that case you can introduce your kid to certain concepts and ideas related to the following areas.

  • Science (the way the entire world functions)
  • Mathematics (numbers) and
  • Language (teaching of words)

By involving your kid into certain activities and games you can achieve this task successfully. We at Miracle Learning Centre can add that flair to this pleasurable activity along with you and your child. Our team of learned teachers will explore various interesting and fun facts related to mathematics. They will make your kid understand that Maths is a part of their life by citing effective real-life examples. Keeping factor in mind, here are four fun Maths games and activities that Miracle team suggests for every child.

Pack your own bag

This activity teaches kids the proper way to count. It explores the problem-solving skills from each kid in an effective manner. We conduct an in-person classroom session where a sheet with the image of an open luggage bag is provided to the kids. Then, another sheet of stickers is provided to them. These stickers contain pictures of clothes, socks and shoes. Subsequently, our tutors will ask the children to pack two T-shirts, three shorts and three pairs of socks. Finally, they need to stick the pertinent stickers to the activity sheet accordingly.

Solve the puzzle, solve the question

Aside just games and fun activities students have to deal with various problems too. However, you can easily turn this problem solving matter into a gaming activity itself. These kinds of activities can be as simple as setting an objective to solve a puzzle. Again, such activities can be as tough as attempting lots of quizzes for the quickest thinkers. While conducting the former option we ask the students to solve a particular puzzle. However, they will get this opportunity as a reward only answering a question properly.

Object Comparison

Apart from the options given above, you can expose your kid to the easy mathematical concepts too. Length and weight can be considered as a prominent example in this matter. Let’s consider a simple instance where your child compares two objects of varying lengths. Suppose, your child is comparing two pencils. In that case your kid will understand that Pencil A is shorter than Pencil B or vice versa.

I Spy or Treasure Hunt

This particular activity requires you to specify your child a certain number for every week. Say for example, you have considered four as the number of the week. Then, ask your child to go about the entire house and search for four common things in groups. This way you can teach your child the fundamental numerical concepts in the easiest possible way. Besides, you can hone the problem-solving skills within your child as well.


So, bring out the best in your child by conducting the aforementioned games and activities suggested by us at Miracle.