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Animal Science – Fascinating Facts

Animal Science – Fascinating Facts

Science is a really interesting and fun subject which is really important for reaching the tip of success. A lot of professions are based on Science and it has a huge scope. Students may not always enjoy science and may find it pretty boring. This can be the cause of the teaching method in which students are taught in by various institutes in Singapore. Miracle Learning Centre, one of the best education centre of Singapore, students are taught Science in an innovative way by making them aware of the amazing facts that science has in stores. Conducted by the best science teachers of Singapore, this course focuses to help students learn the critical facts of science easily and effectively.

Let us today discuss about Animal Kingdom.

Animals are a diverse group of organisms that make up the kingdom known as Animalia. Animals belong to the largest and most diverse of the five kingdoms of living things. Still date around two million animal species have been identified and all of them share certain features.

The animal kingdom is full of big and small surprises and some of the awesome abilities of animals around us will amaze us beyond words. The branch of science that studies about the animal kingdom is called zoology. Science always amazes with its repertoire of natural wealth.

We all have heard of cupid and his arrows. Science brings to the forefront, a cupid from the animal kingdom. A kind of semi slug from the forests of Malaysia, Ibychus rachelae, with a small shell that is too small for it to retract into shoots love darts into its mate. These darts are composed of calcium carbonate and loaded with hormones which pierce the skin of the mate it aims for. This creates a mood for love, increasing chances for successful reproduction. That is the science behind nature’s cupid. Painful science isn’t it?

Hippopotamus is known as one of the most dangerous animals in the wild continent of Africa. They are often covered in blood-like sweat, which is the sun screen that protects their skin from the sweltering African heat. The science behind it is simple; even though they stay immersed in lakes as much as possible, when outside the water, the glands beneath the skin, secrete this blood-sweat composed of highly acidic compounds. It absorbs the heat in UV and visible range. Science has unveiled strong natural sun screen at work in nature.

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