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Best tips to avoid common mathematical errors

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Best tips to avoid common mathematical errors

So, you are well prepared for your Maths exam. You have completed all the lessons and revision assignments too. However, there is a catch to score that desired marks in your exam. It is that you need to avoid those unprecedented mistakes while giving your Maths exam. This is one such issue that concerns both the students and their parents alike. These kinds of mistakes can again be as severe as preventing you from achieving the imperative grade properly.

Effective tips from Miracle

So, below are some effective tips given by knowledgeable tutors at Miracle Learning Centre. These pointers will help you avoid those careless mistakes while giving your primary school Maths exam.

Optimize the presentation errors and units

This pointer is necessary to consider when you are attempting topics like Perimeters and Areas, Volume and Speed etc. This is because these topics strongly include the usage of SI Units. So, to the best of suggestions, present your calculations with the required number of units according to the question’s guidelines. Say for example the distance from point A to B is three km. A person has covered only 3 meters of that distance. How long more will the person need to run from A to B?

Conversion from Km to Meter

In that case convert the three km distance into meters to use the units of ‘Speed’ properly. Remember if the numerical presentations are factually incomplete, then your teacher won’t give you the desired marks. Instead, you will only score bad marks in your exams, although, unintentionally.

Put the final answers in the question paper immediately

As soon as you complete your exam paper, put the final answers immediately over there. Make sure you put only the corresponding reply below each of its pertinent question. This way you can verify that whether the answers are matching the provided instructions or not. In case students don’t have sufficient time, then they can optimize the concept of logical checking. That way they can figure out an estimated answer for every question properly.

A prominent example

Say for example, a question requires you to take out the fraction of the apricots eaten. In that case, a reply more than one would prove to be illogical. In the same way if you multiply 5.02X3.1, then the answer should be near to fifteen and not less.

Highlight and underline the key data

A productive habit to score good marks in Maths is to highlight the key data in the questions. Subsequently, make information-studded notes on each of these questions properly. This way the student will get a clear understanding about each of the questions stated above. So, grow the habit of highlighting the keywords and pieces of information in every question of your Maths exam. This way you can understand every question from its core and figure out appropriate answers for each of them.


So, attempting your Maths exam doesn’t have to be a hassle at all. All you need to do is to avoid the common mathematical mistakes with the tips given above. Plus, opt for our premium Maths tuition to pass your Maths exam with flying colors.