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Chemistry Capsules by Science Tuition

Chemistry Capsules by Science Tuition

Chemistry is an important subject to learn and it is essential for many professions which are connected with it. The process of learning exists with fun, without fun there can be no learning. A teacher must make a student motivated and encouraged for the subject because without that he or she may not be able to learn properly. With the advancement of science students need modern and advanced learning models. At Miracle Learning Centre we provide O level chemistry tuitions, A level chemistry tuitions, JC chemistry tuitions for the students of Singapore. Our classes are not like any other tuition classes in Singapore. We have implemented a new age teaching model known as the ‘AAA’ where first teachers learn about the weakness about the students, help them to work on them and then provide them easiest solutions for every topic. To make the lessons exciting we engage our students in various games and activities which help them to learn the different aspects of the subject with ease and fun. By attending our lessons many students in Singapore have been able to achieve great results in their examinations in a very short span of time. All our teachers are NIE trained and are highly friendly with the students and are extremely patient.

One of the most enjoyed parts of our lessons by the students is fun facts. These amazing facts are often not known by many students and they make the lessons more exciting and fun-filled. Check out these fun facts about Chemistry.

Hi, and welcome back to Science Tuition. We know how much you are fond of chemistry, and we are here to keep your interest going on.

Today, in our Science Tuition we are going to explore some more exciting chemistry facts, let’s roll:

I. Well, we all know which is the first element of the periodic table, don’t we? That’s right; it’s hydrogen. And it is one of the elements which are highly flammable.

II. You might have heard about an element called graphene, which is also known as the ‘miracle material,’ is a better conductor of electricity and heat.

III. Now that we are talking about heat and flame, did you know that DNA is a flame retardant? That’s right. It refuses to burn even if it is coated on highly flammable cotton fabrics.

That’s all for today in your Science Tuition. Stay tuned to know more of such fantastic chemistry facts.