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Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering

Chemistry is an amazing subject which has a lot of future scopes and has a lot of professions connected with it. This subject is interesting and is filled with fun experiments. Various important professions of society are connected with this like doctors, engineers, etc. Today we are talking about Chemical Engineering.

A branch of engineering that uses the principles of physics, chemistry, mathematics, biology and economics to utilize, produce, transform and transport chemicals, materials and energy is termed as chemical engineering. It is a study influencing various areas of technology. Process engineers specialize in a certain process, such as oxidation (a reaction comprising of oxygen with chemicals to produce other chemicals) or polymerization (the process of making plastics and resins). Few others specialize in a specific field such as nanomaterials (tiny substances) or biological engineering. Chemical engineers work to produce energy, electronics, food, clothing and paper. Conducting research in life sciences, biotechnology and business services is also initiated by chemical engineers.

To become a professional in this field, one must have a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering. Usually, it takes up to 4 years to complete the course. This includes classroom, laboratory and field studies. Based on the knowledge gained from chemistry tuition, students choose their specialization from high school. Those interested in chemical engineering opt for taking science courses such as chemistry, physics and biology. For specializing in chemical engineering opting for math courses such as algebra, trigonometry and calculus is also required. The duration of the course varies with the university selected. At some university’s students can choose to enroll in a 5-year engineering program that would lead to the completion of both a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree. A graduate degree (may include a degree upto the Ph.D. level) allows an engineer to build a career in research and development or as a university professor. There are certain internship programs mandatory for the completion of the course that allows the student to gain practical experience while completing the course.Junior engineers work under the supervision of experienced engineers. As they gain knowledge, they move to advanced projects which gives theme independence and authority to make decisions.

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