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Chemistry Fun Facts

Chemistry Fun Facts

Chemistry, a branch of science that is full of enigma. The more you read, the more you are able to solve this mystery, and our mentors at chemistry tuition make sure that your concepts are thorough while the mysteries are unveiled. It is very necessary that the subject is taught in a fun and interesting way. This can be done with the help of fun facts.

Here are some such facts:

  • The clean smell we get after a thunderstorm is the smell of ozone. When the lightning strikes it cracks the molecules of oxygen which in return rebuild ozone. The smell of ozone is as acute as chlorine.
  • The only two metals who are not silver in looks are gold and copper. The electrons of almost all the metals reflect colors equally, hence the sun’s light is reflected as white color. However, the two metals gold and copper, absorb blue and violet light, thereby reflecting the yellow light.
  • While most things shrink when they are cold, unlike water which expands. This is because of the mickey mouse shape of water molecules where the oxygen atom is at the center (the face) and two hydrogen atoms each at an angle (ears). Thus, the water molecule is an open structure with a lot of space.
  • If we add salt to water the overall volume of water decreases by 2%. This is because of the solvent molecule that becomes more organized in the proximity of dissolved ions.
  • 1 inch of rain = 10 inches of snow, provided the temperature is around 30 degrees F.

Chemistry, if taught thoroughly can spark the interest in kids and clear the concepts of kids who are already into the subject. Hence, to ensure the same chemistry tuition is a must for kids at a growing stage.

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