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Chemistry for Kids

Chemistry for Kids

Can’t get your kids to retain the facts and figures of chemistry? Tired of hearing the usual ‘chemistry is boring!’ or ‘chemistry is not going to help me in life?’ If so, we at ‘Miracle Learning Centre’ have whipped up the perfect formula to make your kids fall in love with chemistry!

Learning will be fun for children when they can relate to the surrounding. We have the best chemistry teachers of Singapore who with their innovative teaching styles will make your child fall in love with the subject. We show our students how they can have fun with chemistry and in the mean time they also get to learn important chemistry topics.

How so?

To help kids relate to what they learn, we will be incorporating a series of fun and comprehensive activities and experiments into our lesson plans. That is, we will be opting for the favorable ‘show’ as opposed to ‘tell’ of a method of teaching.

For instance, did you know that helium balloons float because helium is lighter than air? Or that there are only two solid elements that assume a liquid state at room temperature? Instead of boring little kids with these facts, we will show it to them. We will bring in a helium balloon and a normal balloon to our tuition class and demonstrate the difference, making them understand that helium is lighter than air – and that’s why it floats while the other doesn’t.

What most kids don’t realize is that simple chemical reactions can be conducted even at home! At our tuition class, we will teach them how to conduct such reactions and then explain the theory behind it. Giving you two examples:

The theory behind the simple acid-base reactions will be taught by mixing simple acids (vinegar or lemon juice) with a base (baking soda or soap). Upon observation, children will be given the equation for the experiment and explained the theory behind it.

The simple process of osmosis will be taught by asking kids to immerse their fingers in water for a period of time. On observing the swelling of their fingertips, it will be explained that osmosis is a process where a less concentrated solvent moves through a semi-permeable membrane to another more concentrated solvent. To further understand the concept an experiment using a concentrated solution (salt/sugar), a less concentrated solution (water) and a semi-permeable membrane (leaf) will be conducted and explained.

At our chemistry tuition class, we aim to make learning both fun and compelling. We want children to enjoy their education and relate to what’s being taught. Send your child to our tuition class today – you won’t regret it!