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Acid Reacts with a metal carbonate

Acid Reacts with a metal carbonate

Chemistry tuition classes in Miracle Learning Centre is very beneficial. If you do not understand chemistry, you must definitely try the chemistry tuition class at Miracle Learning Centre. Let us learn about the reaction of acids and a metal carbonate in this chemistry tuition lesson.

Most of us know that air contains 0.03% of carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is used during photosynthesis to produce glucose and oxygen. To test for carbon dioxide, we pass the gas into limewater. If the gas is carbon dioxide, a white precipitate will be produced. Your chemistry tuition teacher at Miracle Learning Centre will teach you that in order to produce carbon dioxide in the laboratory, you can add an acid to a metal carbonate to produce salt, carbon dioxide and water. For example, when magnesium carbonate is added to hydrochloric acid, the products are magnesium chloride, carbon dioxide and water.

The student at Miracle Learning Centre asked, ” Why does the limewater produce a white precipitate when we exhale into limewater? Then, when we exhale more air into limewater, the solution turns clear again? ”

The chemistry tuition teacher at Miracle Learning Centre replied,” When carbon dioxide is passed into limewater, an insoluble salt of calcium carbonate is produced. Calcium carbonate is the white precipitate. When more carbon dioxide is passed into the solution, calcium hydrogencarbonate is produced. It turns clear again because calcium hydrogencarbonate is soluble in water.”

Miracle Learning Centre hope you have understood what the reaction between an acid and metal carbonate produces. Do come to Miracle Learning Centre for more chemistry tuition lessons to learn more about acids and chemistry.

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