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Importance of studying chemistry

Importance of studying chemistry

Chemistry is often defined as the study of matter and the reactions that matter undergoes. Physicists, geologists, and biologists also study matter but who is a chemist different from them? Only a chemist studies the reactions that matter undergoes. Only chemists make compounds and try to understand the reactions that produce the compounds. Many chemical and pharmaceutical industries have employed chemists for preparing new plastics, coatings, ceramics, drugs, fillers, alloys, and so on.

Chemistry requires a comprehensive learning attitude to get the most fun out of it. Through Chemistry, mankind has been getting many amazing gifts and discoveries which have helped the growth of civilization. Chemistry is overlapped with various other subjects which makes it very important to learn. Many professions like engineering and medical science branches are dependent on Chemistry.

Below lies a discussion about the importance of learning Chemistry.

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Chemistry…! It’s everywhere around you. The food you eat, water you drink, clothes you wear, air, medicines and so on.

Below is a list of some vital reasons for you to study chemistry.

1. The most fundamental knowledge of chemistry will not only help you to read but understand product labels well.

2. Chemistry is related to cooking. If you’re looking to become a good cook, it’s important for you to understand the chemical reactions which are involved in the making of baked goods.

3. Chemistry is a subject that helps you to understand the world you’re living in. Questions like “How is cheese made?” “Why are plants green in colour?” and others can be answered by applying chemistry. You can keep checking

At times, chemistry is known as the ‘central science’ because it links other forms of sciences to each other. These include physics, biology, geology and environmental science. We will cover all this and more in the upcoming chemistry tuition lessons.

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