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Soft Metals

Soft Metals

Chemistry – the subject which deals with the substances which constitute the composition of matter. There are a huge number of reactions which are pertinent to this discipline. There are two types of students in this world, on the one hand, we have those who are not fond of Chemistry. On the other hand, there are those who are enthusiastic about Chemistry. However, no matter which kind of a student you are, Chemistry tuition is a must for you. It helps you revisit your concepts so that you can get through the subject as soon as possible if you are from the former category. If you belong to the latter category, then Chemistry tuition will keep the passion you hold for Chemistry burning inside you.

However, amidst all the complex things that you have to learn – what makes Chemistry tuition interesting? Well, it is the intriguing facts that the tutors make you aware of. For instance, facts like, Aluminium is a soft metal when you witness it in its basic form. However, when you combine it with Oxygen, the compound you obtain is rather hard. Aluminium Oxide is often found as a coating for sandpaper – this hard substance allows the sandpaper in sanding wood as well as metal.

The purified Iron crystals are just as soft as Aluminium, so we have yet another softy! Lead has also made its place amongst the softest elements in the periodic table.

Did you know that this element is so soft that it is capable of being scratched with a nail or cut with a knife? In addition to that, back in the day Lead and Tin were believed to be the same element. The Romans had christened Lead as Plumbum Nigrum (black lead) and Tin as Plumbum Candium (white lead).

Such are the facts which are going to help you stay a step ahead in the race of learning the complicated properties of elements when you sign up to a Chemistry Tuition.

Our students claim Miracle Learning Centre as the best chemistry tuition in Singapore. Many of our students came with their hatred towards the subject and within a few days their hatred was turned into love. Many parents stated that they have been looking for A level chemistry tuition in Singapore which will focus to bring the lost interest of their children back towards the subject. With our innovative lessons, their children were easily able to understand the concepts, learn the tricks to answer open ended questions, clear their doubts, and enjoy the learning process.