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Chemistry Tuition lessons on Crucial Element Facts in Chemistry

01 Oct Chemistry Tuition lessons on Crucial Element Facts in Chemistry

Have you studied about the element in your Chemistry tuition? It is the easy form of matter that can never be broken down using any chemical means. An example of the element is any substance which is made up of one type of atom.

In your Chemistry classes, you may have probably heard about the term elements. But have you understood it properly? Well if not then don’t worry, we are here for you. Elements are a type of atom whose atomic number is equal to the number of protons.

Till date, 118 elements have been identified. Among which 94 are obtained naturally and the remaining 24 are synthetic elements.

Iron is the most abundant element in the Earth’s mantle and Oxygen is the most common element in Earth’s crust.

Oxygen, hydrogen, uranium and iron are some examples of elements. So here are some crucial facts that you must know about elements:

  1. While every atom of an element has an equal number of protons, electrons and neutrons can differ in number.
  2. The same elements occur everywhere in the universe. Do you know that matter on Mars contains the same elements which are found on Earth?
  3. Mercury and bromine are the only two liquid elements which are at room temperature.
  4. People living in the olden times were exposed to many pure elements that take place in nature. These elements consist of gold, carbon and copper. However, the earliest elements were deemed to be air, water, earth and fire.

It is important for you to know that every atom of an element consists of the same number of protons. There are numerous elements that take place in a natural way. However, some of them are man-made or synthetic.

There is lot more to learn on this topic which will be soon covered in the upcoming chemistry tuition lessons, so stay connected!

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