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Is Tuition Necessary In JC?

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Is Tuition Necessary In JC?

Do you need tuition for your JC? In this article, we from Miracle Learning Centre, the region’s best chemistry tuition are here to break down some of the reasons for why it is important to have tuition for a JC student. The curriculum of JC takes around 2 years to complete and their schedule is very much tight.

Students will have to participate in other CCA along with their studies. They are left with less than 2 years of time for learning all the syllabus of all the subjects before they will sit for their A-Levels.

There are three different tiers available for the JC curriculum. You can take the subjects in H1, H2, or H3 level.  There are few compulsory combinations which are – Three H2 content-based subjects, One H1 content-based subject, Compulsory H1 subjects, Mother-Tongue Language (MTL), General Paper, Project Work. On top of that, there are CCAs which are additional co-curricular activities in which the students have to take part in the following way – Clubs and Societies, Physical Sports, Uniformed Groups, Visual and Performing Arts Group. It is not that uncommon to see students who are entering JC and are already familiar with the topics they have not even been taught. This is mainly because they have been studying them in advance mainly during the holidays. Time is very much precious when you are starting JC as once it begins there you will barely have any time for finishing your homework, let alone studying and revising. You have to pay close attention during lectures and try your best not to lack behind. In the first few months of JC life, students will be finding themselves investing most of their time on CCA and other orientation activities.

So do you need to take tuition?

Tuitions must be taken upon willingly. Students entering JC are at the stage where they make decisions for themselves. So, Miracle Learning Centre is here to list the following with regards to the student’s perspective.

As a student, you know yourself the best and you know which are your strong areas in which areas you lack the knowledge. So you are the best to judge your situation and decide accordingly if you require additional help from a professional. It can be really hard to learn in a crowded classroom as the pace may not be suitable for you. Not all students are the same, everyone has unique needs, unique learning style, and pace and all of that matters. In a school classroom, it is not possible for the teacher to provide individual attention to each and every one. But with chemistry tuition you can get one to one attention. The teacher can tweak and make the learning process in such a way that can be of benefit for you and help you brush up your weak areas. As compared to traditional home tuition, where they go through the entire syllabus with you, at Miracle Learning Centre, we also conduct assessments to understand your weakness and strengths of the subject.

But the decision is entirely upon you that if you believe in opting for private tuition or not. Choose wisely and contact us.