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Why you need chemistry tuition to study H2 Chemistry?

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Why you need chemistry tuition to study H2 Chemistry?

You scored great in your O-Levels and we really appreciate that. Now for those who have opted for Junior College (JC) route, there can be a chance that you would prefer to keep your university options wide open by opting for Science stream and then you may have a question bugging your mind that “Shall you study H2 Chemistry?”, despite hearing a lot about how tough H2 Chemistry is. While this comment may not be completely false, but we Miracle Learning Centre, the region’s best chemistry tuition centre are here to offer you reasons for choosing H2 Chemistry.

For several prestigious professional courses, H2 Chemistry is mandatory

In the local universities, professional undergraduate courses like Dentistry, Medicine, Pharmacy and Environmental Engineering and yes Chemistry with specialisation in Medicinal, Materials, Environment and Energy, all require H2 Chemistry as an entry requirement. You can perform a Google search about “A Level subject prerequisite” and you will be able to see results to the most updated information from university admission offices. Besides that, as an H2 subject, H2 Chemistry can much easily fulfil the entry requirements of the other much more selective university courses. You can opt for H2 Chemistry along with H2 Mathematics as these two subjects will definitely create a lot of opportunities.

Chemistry – Central Science

Students are not allowed to take Biology and Physics together in most schools. Chemistry is required if you wish to take 2 science subjects in JC. This is very much similar to the situation with the O-Level Combined Science combinations. This implicates the importance of Chemistry as a foundation for Science. Being a rule-based application subject, H2 Chemistry will better assimilate you to the world of professionals who apply consistent sets of universally-agreed rules/principles.

H2 Chemistry comes with a lot of rewards

H2 Chemistry is important but with hard work and consistency, it can be easily managed. A huge role is played by naturally competent teachers and encouraging friends in helping you to get comfortable with the huge jump in content and the required applications.  It is not going to be easy and straightforward, but it will definitely bring in a whole lot of rewards. It will shape your mind.

H2 Chemistry is full of life

There is a myth that Science is not lively, but it is dead, boring and fixed without any novelty. But that is not. There is a thing about H2 Chemistry that is everything is connected, mainly Organic Chemistry. All those connections make the subject very lively to learn and our minds are trained constantly to be sharper in order to bind these concepts and theories together. It is important for getting chemistry tuition who can help students to get deeper into the concepts. And for that, you can definitely choose Miracle Learning Centre in Singapore which is much more different than the conventional ones. Check out our classes and feel the difference.

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