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Acids and Alkaline Solutions

Acids and Alkaline Solutions

What does a matter consists of, what are its properties, how does the properties change these are all answered by Chemistry. It is simply the study of matter. Chemistry is that branch of Science that has its fingers in about everything and has various critical chapters. One of them is Acids and Alkaline. This is one of the most important chapters of Chemistry as well as one of the toughest too. Check out this simplifies solution about Acids and Alkaline Solutions by our expert faculty.

Chemistry tuition class in Miracle Learning Centre is fun and enriching. You will learn about the different aspects of Science and how to learn study skills too. If you do not like or understand science, you must definitely attend the chemistry tuition class at Miracle Learning Centre to arouse and reignite your interest. Let us learn about the Acids and Alkaline Solutions in this Chemistry tuition lesson.

Aqueous solutions can be classified as acidic, alkaline and neutral. Neutral refers to solutions with a pH value of 7, for example, distilled water

Acid is a substance that dissolves in water to form hydrogen ions as the only positive ions. It is also a water-soluble compound that reacts with a base to form salt and water only. Some common acids are Sulphuric acid ( H2SO4 ), Nitric acid ( HNO3 ) and Hydrochloric acid ( HCl ). Acidic solutions are usually corrosive and have a sour taste. Furthermore, it turns damp blue litmus paper into red and has a pH value that is less than 7. When acid is added to reactive metals, bubbles of gas or effervescence will be seen and the gas given off is colorless and odorless called Hydrogen. In additions, acids can be further classified into minerals or organic acids.

Alkaline solution is a mixture of base solids dissolved in water. Alkaline solutions are usually corrosive and cause bleaching. It has a bitter taste and a soapy feeling. Furthermore, it turns red litmus paper into blue and has a pH value that is more than 7. Alkalis react with acids to form salts and water only and when it reacts with ammoniums salts, it produces ammonia gas. Some common alkalis include Sodium hydroxide (NaOH), Potassium hydroxide (KOH) and Calcium hydroxide (Ca (OH) 2).

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