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Many parents complain that their children have lost their interest in Chemistry and also said that the students failed to clear their doubts and misconceptions in the schools. We believe that this is the problem with most of the students in Singapore because of the bland and primitive teaching style. We aim to change that and that’s why with the best chemistry teachers of Singapore we have introduced some creative A Level, O Level and JC Chemistry classes which allows the students to learn from games activities and contests.

Biochemistry is the study of the chemistry of living things including organic molecules and their chemical reactions.

Biochemistry is one of the 5 branches of chemistry and is termed as the study of living organisms. It is the study of structure, composition and chemical reactions of materials in living systems. It includes organic molecules and their chemical reactions. Biochemistry is consideredthe same as molecular biology by most people. Biochemists are individuals specializing in the mechanism of human brain function, the chemical basis of diseases and the communication between cells and organs. The subject has provided explanations to the roots of many diseases in humans, plants and animals. Not only the causes of diseases, a biochemist frequently suggests ways to cure them. The main area of research for a biochemist lies in undermining how specific molecules such as proteins, nucleic acids, vitamins and hormones function in such procedures. Utmost focus is on the regulation of chemical reactions in living cells. This vast area of research revolves around protein structure and genetic engineering; the two basic components of biotechnology. The research conducted by biochemists is used in all fields of medicine, in farming and many chemical and health related sectors.

Biochemists can attain jobs in various fields such as hospitals, agriculture, food industry, healthcare sector, education industry, forensic crime research department, drug discovery and development department. The degree of a biochemist can entitle one to attain global career opportunities at all levels. Biochemists generally communicate with scientists on a wide variety of topics that are a very small piece in a large and complex system. Biological chemists within the industry are interested in complex and in- depth research on specific areas, while those in academics or government labs conduct chemistry tuition and study on more basic and less applied research. Biochemistry is closely linked to biological science that deal with molecules such as molecular genetics, pharmacology, molecular biology and chemical biology.