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13 May Copper

The 29th element of the periodic table – Copper (Cu) – plays a crucial role in our lives. There are so many interesting things that have been associated with this element. All thanks to Chemistry that it introduced us to this element and its properties which come in handy in our day-to-day. Owing to how soft and ductile the material is, it has come to aid to craft the beautiful ornaments studded with gold. You are bound to find some amount of copper in the gold jewellery you don because gold is too soft to be moulded on its own.

Copper comes to the aid of people even when they are cooking. Professional chefs often prefer pots made out of copper to cook because these pots do not have a particular heat spot which allows the even cooking of the food to take place. Also, copper is literally made use of everywhere. Whether it is a TV or radio or electrical wiring or washers, what have you, you are going to find copper in it. The tricks that people use to make the flames appear green – it is science. It is by means of copper and boron that the appearance of the flame changes.

It comes in handy when you want to clean an artificial pond, too. The minerals Malachite and Azurite are made out of copper carbonates. They help in the cleaning procedure because copper carbonates are toxic and can prove to be deadly for some algae. In addition to that, copper lightening systems help the buildings be secure from lightning strikes.

Such are the things that you would learn in a Chemistry tuition so that you can ensure smoothness in your lives. Chemistry tuition is going to be a constant reminder for the things that you study in the classroom so that you can brush up the details and be prepared to answer, no matter what question you are asked.

If you feel that Chemistry is a pretty bland and boring subject and is not exactly your cup of tea, then we would like to help you think again in a different way. We believe that there is a lot of fun hidden in Chemistry which needs to be brought in light to the students. We believe that learning begins with fun. We can’t learn a thing which we feel boring or underwhelming. That’s why at Miracle Learning Centre we always try to make our lessons exciting and engaging for our students. We offer A level chemistry tuition, O level chemistry tuition, JC chemistry tuition for the students of Singapore and we teach through various video lessons, presentations, games and group activities.