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Importance Of Chemistry In Our Day-to-Day Life

01 Oct Importance Of Chemistry In Our Day-to-Day Life

Has it ever come to your mind that many things happening in your life are related to Chemistry? In our Chemistry tuition class today, we will talk about how certain interesting Chemistry-related things affect our lives.

So here we go:

Ever thought why coffee keeps a person awake?

It is a known fact that the effect of coffee on our mood has a lot to do with the content present in coffee. The major reason why coffee keeps a person awake is Adenosine – a hormone found in one’s brain. This hormone binds with a person’s sense organs and blocks them.

What is the original colour of the soap?

Made up of fatty acids, soap consists of a few drops of food colouring which is mixed in it. That way the soap gets a great look which makes users happy when using it. The soaps available nowadays are made with various oil perfumes as well as fragrances.

We do we cry while cutting onions?

Onion cells have sulfur present in them. When we cut an onion the cells break and the sulfur gets released. This sulfur gets mixed with moisture and thus irritates our eyes.

Coloring of Vegetables

Many vegetables and fruits are strongly colored because they contain a special kind of chemical compound names carotenoids. These compounds have an area called chromophore, which absorbs and gives off particular wavelengths of light, generating the color that we then perceive.

Chemistry in Baking

We all like to eat fluffy freshly baked bread. This is possible because of baking soda. Baking Soda is an efficient leavening agent. In food item baking soda is applied before cooking which produces carbon dioxide and this gas cause the foods to rise.

Chemistry is undoubtedly present in our day-to-day life. In fact, we, as a human, are a complete package of chemicals. Come back to learn more such interesting things only through your chemistry tuition classes, here.

The main problem with Chemistry is that students don’t feel motivated or connected with Chemistry and they learn this subject only because it is mandatory for various career streams. A good teacher should always try to make the subject attractive to the students so that they can learn it with more enthusiasm and excitement.

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