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Physical and Chemical Reactions

Physical and Chemical Reactions

Chemistry tuition classes in Miracle Learning Centre are easy to understand and help you in the chemistry tuition application questions. If you do not understand chemistry in school, you must definitely come for chemistry tuition classes at Miracle Learning Centre. Let us learn about physical and chemical reactions in this chemistry tuition lesson.

Chemical reactions produces new substances. Chemical reactions are irreversible. Light and heat are usually involved in the chemical reaction. When a chemical physical reaction happens, a new substance will be formed.

A physical reaction is reversible. Physical reactions usually do not involve heat and light. When a physical reaction happens, no new substance will be formed.

The student at Miracle Learning Centre asked, “Why do we need to learn about physical and chemical reactions?”

Mrs Lew, chemistry teacher at Miracle Learning Centre replied, “We need to be able to identify whether a reaction is a physical reaction or chemical reaction. In order for us to tell whether the reaction is reversible or irreversible and whether new substances are formed or not. For example, when hydrochloric acid reacts with sodium hydroxide, a new substance called sodium chloride and water is formed. This is an acid and alkali reaction. It is a chemical reaction because it is irreversible and new substances has been formed. Another example of chemical reaction is combustion. When a piece of paper is burnt, it turned into ashes. A new substance is formed and we will not be able to get our paper back because the reaction is irreversible. Hence, burning a piece of paper is a chemical reaction. Other chemical reactions includes electrolysis. For example when you electrolyse acidified water, hydrogen gas and oxygen gas is produced. In order to get water, you need to burn hydrogen gas in oxygen gas to get water. When electrolysis of acidified water is taking place, it is being decomposed into hydrogen and water.

Let us take a look at physical reactions. Physical reactions include melting and boiling. Melting is the change of state when ice is being heated till melting point and it melts and becomes water. Melting is a physical process as no new substance is formed. It is also a reversible process as we can freeze the water to get ice again. Another example of a physical reaction is boiling. When we boil water to get steam, a physical reaction happens because water evaporates to become steam. No new substance is formed and reaction is reversible.

This are some of the examples of chemical reactions and physical reactions.

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