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What is Matter?

What is Matter?

The concept of Matter is simplified in a professional chemistry tuition class.

For the ease of our students, we are explaining this complex subject with an example in the following paragraphs:

Matter is everything around us that has mass and therefore takes up space, like a book, computer water, or oxygen. There are, however different types or states of matter: the most common ones being solid, the liquid and the gas

Chemistry studies the different types of matter, discovering its properties and the reactions they cause when they come into contact with each other.

Elements are the building blocks of matter, coming together to organize matter in the patterns we recognize. Those elements ( all 117 of them, as of October 16, 2006) are different from one another in terms of atomic number and are organized in the Periodic Table. This table organizes elements in a systematic pattern from left to right and from top to bottom in order of increasing atomic number, making it easier for anyone to predict the properties of an element according to its position on the table.

An everyday example of chemistry can be found right in your own kitchen. When you are baking, you are simply using the law of chemistry for your benefit. You take substances existing in different states like eggs and milk, which are in the liquid state, and mix them with sugar and flour, which are in the solid state, and by infusing the mixture with heat you change these substances into a new substance with a consistency completely different from their original state. Moreover, you get to use chemicals like sodium bicarbonate (baking powder for those with no chemistry knowledge) to cause a chemical reaction and create tiny air bubbles all over the cake making it light and fluffy.

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