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Chemists, also known as “Pharmacists” are scientists trained in chemistry. A type of scientist researching on the components and experimenting the properties of substances. Chemists generally specialize in one of the specific sub divisions of chemistry. The sub divisions include nuclear chemistry, biochemistry, neurochemistry and theoretical chemistry. There is forensic chemistry as well that deals with laboratory evidences related to criminal investigations. All the subdivisions are inter related as the field is so vast and complex.


A biochemist is a type of chemist working with the reactions that take place in living organisms. Biochemistry as the name suggests covers all the areas of biomedical research. These types of chemists conduct research and experiments to attain new technologies related to pharmaceutical drugs, DNAs and agricultural produce. Examples include working with checking the crop yield and test the methods of improvements, working with DNA testing, etc.


Neurochemistry is the study of neurochemicals that are produced by the nervous system. A neurochemist studies the structuring and functioning of compounds (neurochemicals). Basically, a research related to the brain and the nervous system of the human body. Neurochemistry is a branch of biochemistry.

Nuclear Chemist:

Nuclearchemistry is a branch of chemistry dealing with radioactivity and nuclear processes. A nuclear chemist is involved in several areas of study varying from research related to the nuclear energy in medicines to nuclear engineering in power generation.

Theoretical Chemist

The most complex of all, theoretical chemistry evolves around the research related to the study of chemical structure and chemical dynamics. Theoretical chemists explore the theories to provide detailed explanations to chemical reactions. Chemistry tuition helps you to improve your knowledge in chemistry too.

University students are subjected to chemistry tuition available in the laboratory itself after college hours. Chemists generally conduct work from laboratories indoors. There are special areas designated to conduct research which are considered safe with any kind of chemical reactions.

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