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Common errors every student makes in science exam
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19 Jul Common errors every student makes in science exam

When your child is about to learn primary three science, he or she needs to learn a vast range of skills. Since, your child is too curious to know the world about them, learning about science can be fun for them. The world of science can be an ocean of exciting facts and interesting knowledge for them as a result. However, there is a catch as students find it difficult to observe and decipher the scientific concepts at this age. Hence, they tend to commit some silly mistakes while appearing for their science exam.

Three important science pitfalls to avoid

No matter how well you do in your science exam, committing some silly mistakes can affect your final results negatively. At Miracle Learning Centre, we can help you avoid such mistakes. Our team of knowledgeable tutors will do that by providing you effective science tuition. To make things easier, avoid making these three science mistakes and pass your science exams successfully.

Taking much time to decide the answer

Most of the students feel stuck when it comes to answering their Multiple-Choice-Questions. They hardly realize that the time is passing away. So, to the best of our suggestions, always look at the clock every now and then. This way you can keep a check on the time and allocate them wisely

Inability to understand the concepts

Every question requires the child to combine the understanding of different concepts. Subsequently, they need to think and interpret those concepts rapidly to write the answer. So, your child must have a sound understanding in each of the concepts of science. Aside, he or she also needs to understand and memorize the keywords properly. Lack of this knowledge will only lead your child to obtain poor marks in his or her exam.

Failure to read the questions carefully

Despite having sound knowledge in a particular concept, many primary three students fail in their primary three science exam. It is because of their lack of ability to understand the question’s criteria. Suppose, it is factually given as birds lay eggs and have feathers. Then, the students have to answer the following question.

Which characteristic(s) can be seen in all birds except for other animals?

  • They can fly
  • They lay eggs and
  • They have feathers on their bodies

Most of the students mistakenly choose all the three options given above which is not correct. So, the correct option to choose would be option A. This is because the key phrase ‘all birds’ in the question refers to both male and female birds. So, male birds do not lay eggs, right? Again, all birds cannot fly despite having wings. Examples include Emu, Ostriches and Kiwi etc.

Usage of wrong keywords

Many students only mug up the keywords and key phrases before appearing for their primary three science exam. This is a wrong approach which our Miracle team believes. So, make sure your child knows to place the keywords correctly while answering the questions. As a result, the teacher will find it easy to understand the answers and interpret them properly.

Final Note!

We hope today’s guide will help your kid avoid the three common science mistakes given above.